Apply for a Mexico Tourist Card Online | Natvisa

Apply for a Mexico Tourist Card Online | Natvisa

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its rich history and beautiful sites make it a very attractive and popular tourist site. Millions of people make their way to Mexico every year. Like any other country, when you are visiting Mexico, you need to fulfill certain requirements. One of those requirements is getting a Mexico Tourist Card.

About Mexico Tourist Card

The Mexico Tourist Card is a necessary requirement if you want to visit Mexico. If you are thinking about visiting Mexico then you need to get the Mexico Tourist Card issued by The National Immigration Institute in Mexico. You can get this tourist card on arrival as well however to avoid any hassle, it is ideal to get it online before you reach your destination. Another thing to keep in mind is that people who are traveling to Mexico by air have to present this tourist card.

People looking to travel to Mexico might get confused about the status of the Mexico Tourist Card. There is a misconception that the Mexico Tourist Card is a replacement for the Visa. That is not the case. People traveling from different countries may have to fulfill different requirements and paperwork.

For some travelers, they might have to get both a Mexico visa and the Mexico Tourist Card.

Mexico Tourist Card Requirements

You need to fulfill certain requirements if you want to apply for the Mexico Tourist Card. You need to have a valid passport if you want to travel to Mexico. The passport should be valid for 6 months or more. If your passport has expired then you have to renew it before you can apply. In addition to that, you need to provide your itinerary details if you want to apply for the Mexico Tourist card. You need a working email address as it will be sent to that address.

Steps To Apply For Mexico Tourist Card

Applying for a Mexico Tourist Card is very easy and secure. You can apply for the tourist card online. You don’t need to upload any documents on the website. You only need to fill an easy online form to apply for the Mexico Tourist Card.

Let’s take a look at the step by step guide to apply for the Mexico tourist card. The process contains three easy steps:

Step 1: Fill Out the Application Form

The first step in applying for the Mexico Tourist Card is to fill out the application form. The application form can be filled out at Make sure the information is accurate and truthful. The online system has made it easy and convenient for people to apply for the Mexico tourist card.

Step 2: Gather All the Required Documents

You need to gather and organize all the required documents in a single place. You may also need some of these documents to fill out the information in step 1. Once you have filled out the application form, it’s now time to organize your required documents. All you will need to apply is your passport details. Keep in mind you will not need to upload any documents for the Tourist Card.

You will need to have handy your valid passport, and flight information including flight number.

Step 3: Make the Payment

Last but not least, you have to make the payment for the Mexico Tourist Card. The payment can be made through debit or credit card. Make sure your cards are working and that they have the necessary limit to make the payment. Once you make the payment it will take a few business days to complete the process; after which the Mexico Tourist Card will be sent to your email address. If for some reason, your application gets rejected, you will not be given a refund. The Mexico Tourist Card will not cost you anything if you wish to get it upon your arrival to the country.

Covid 19 Health Questionnaire

Due to the virus outbreak, travelers arriving by air are required to fill out a health declaration form. This will give the Mexican authorities a better picture of your current health and where you have traveled within the last 14 days.

Validity for Mexico Tourist Card

When you enter the country, you have to present all the necessary documentation (including the Mexico Tourist Card) to the relevant immigration officer.

The Mexico Tourist Card is valid for 180 days after it is stamped by an immigration officer. As clear from the name, the Mexico Tourist Card is for the sole purpose of tourism. You cannot take any employment during your stay in Mexico.

The Mexico Tourist Card only offers one entry into the country. If you want to travel to Mexico again, you have to apply for the tourist card once again. Make sure to download and print out both sides of your Mexico Tourist Card once you get it on your email address.

Once you get your Mexico Tourist Card, you can easily roam around the country and enjoy its immense beauty and culture. Mexico is much more than what is portrayed in the media. If you want to experience Latin culture then Mexico is one of the best places to do so. The Mexico tourist card is valid for 180 days which means that you will have 180 days to enjoy the beauty of Mexico. So prepare well for the tour and get ready for an amazing adventure.

Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico offers a blend of historical places, beaches, modern architecture and many other amazing things. If you are looking to visit Mexico then you should definitely check out the following places.

  • Beautiful resorts and beaches in Cancun
  • San Miguel de Allende for its artistic architecture and amazing festivals
  • A mixture of historical ruins and modern architecture in Mexico City
  • Aztec ruins all over the country.
  • Chichen Itza – The ruins of a Mayan city.

Do your research before you head out to Mexico. Make sure you are ready for everything. Make a touring schedule, book your hotel from your home country carefully, keep all your documents in a safe bag, and have the right type of currency on you when you enter the country. Mexican Peso and American Dollars are both used in the country. You can also find money changers at prominent airports in the country.

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