Best Adventure Destinations In Himachal Pradesh
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Best Adventure Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

Best Adventure Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the famous state of India where every year a lot of tourist visit due to natural surroundings and adventure. These places are not only known for natural places and attractions, Famous for adventure and sport activities as well. There are many things which you can do during your vacations or holidays. There are some best adventure destinations in Himachal Pradesh where you should visit-

  • Manali: Manali is the famous resort town in Himachal Pradesh. This wonderful place of Himachal is surrounded by huge white mountains and green valleys which are quite delightful. You can enjoy majestic snow clad mountains and green meadows. This place is well known for adventure as well. There are many sports activities which you can do during the tour of Himachal. Paragliding, Trekking, Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Skating etc. are famous activities which can be done. You can enjoy each and every moment with enthusiastic activities of Manali from Ahmedabad.
  • Khajjiar: Khajjiar is one of the beautiful place which is situated in the Chamba valley. This is one of the essential spot which is also famous for the beautiful and noiseless environment. This gorgeous valley is the best Himachal tourist and adventurous place where you can enjoy each and every moment with amazing activities. It is indeed a great place to relax and unwind in the beautiful and refreshing environment. You can enjoy activities like horse riding, Paragliding and Zorbing and many more. Zorbing is a more upcoming sport in the area the huge meadows and valleys here provide an ideal place for the sport.
  • Bir Billing: Bir billing is a place where you can visit with your family or friends. For outdoor enthusiasts who are dying to experience a crazy gush of adrenaline, This is the right place for you. paragliding is famous sport activity which you can do there. It nestles in the beautiful tea garden district of Himachal Pradesh. While Billing is small meadow high up on the mountain ridges of the Dhauladhar Range. It is tiny village in the fields of Tibetan Colony in Chowgan. The place entertains both experienced pilots as well amateurs. There are a number of skilled instructors on site who use two seat gliders to take you paragliding.
  • Spiti: Spiti is famous place of Himachal Pradesh where you can enjoy several adventure activities. Spiti Valley is known for famous trekking, Ancient monasteries, Stunning lakes, and rivers. You can explore places like Chandra Taal, Pin Valley National Park, Dhankar Lake, Suraj Tal Lake, Komik, Kibber, and Kungri Monastery with Spiti Tourism. There are many amazing activities which you can enjoy with your family or friends. This place is surrounded by snow desert mountains which make this place adventurous.

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