Best Destinations to Travel This Easter!

Best Destinations to Travel This Easter!

Easter means a lot for European children. They are being told by their elders that huge bills that are full of chocolate eggs leave Rome and lay their eggs all around Europe. According to a few people, while looking into the sky just above the head, if one will make a funny face, then he might keep a funny face for the rest of life!

Easter is the indication that sunny days are back to Europe, flowers are going to bloom and, longer and warmer days are approaching. It is the best time to plan a trip with your children and have a good quality time with your loved ones at an amazing destination. I am going to share a few destinations that are particularly famous among the tourists and you can consider one of them for your Easter travel this year.

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France, Eurpoe Eiffel Tower, France

Colmar, France

It is an ideal place for a vacation trip. If you are seeking a romantic getaway with your spouse, you must consider Colmar. The spring will be celebrated in Colmar from 4th April to 22nd April 2019. In the heart, there are two major Easter markets. You can do a lot of fun activities being in Colmar with your love! After walking in the vineyards of the region, you can taste Alsace wine, that will definitely make you live unforgettable experiences if you are a beer lover!

 Austria Beautiful architecture at Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is among the top 10 European destinations that are particularly famous among the tourists. Vienna is a very safe spot for tourism. There is an open-air museum, where history and culture meet. A lot of places in Vienna attract the visitors like you can go to Golden Hall of the Musikverein to enjoy Mozart’s piano concertos, can explore the Schönbrunn Palace or can have a long walk to have some great time in the Eastern markets you can find everywhere in the city. In Vienna, three Easter markets are waiting for you!

Beautiful houses at Portugal City Lisbon houses, Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

It is tagged to be the most beautiful European island with a mild climate throughout the year. This place is rich in history, culture, and traditions. If you love to drink, then you can enjoy a very popular typical “Madeira Wine” on a terrace. It can be an ideal place this Easter, for those who love hiking, adventurers retired or young couples as it has the content to enjoy for every type of traveller.

Italy Beautiful Landscape Amalfi coast, Italy

Milan, Italy

Milan is the destination that is picked by millions of travellers every year for Christmas or Easter getaway. This city has a mixture of modern and traditional, but an incredible architecture. It can be called as a centre of fashion and is an ideal place for shopping lovers. You can also take these Milan walking tours while you are there.

Croatia's beautiful Landscape Birds eye view photo of island in Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

One of the most fashionable European destinations for travellers is Zagreb in Croatia, that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.  Zagreb is an ideal destination for those who loves the Ester celebrations with huge decorated eggs. The originality and charm is really amazing and it makes Zagreb a unique destination. Plan your travel to Zagreb and have a wonderful Easter getaway this year!

UK, London Beautiful Landscape Elizabeth Tower, London

Bristol, UK

It is one of the most beautiful, unique and exciting towns in the UK! The locals are extremely polite and nice. You can enjoy the entire change of scenery in Bristol and support the local shops by paying for your expenses with Bristol pound.

Enjoy a Bristol Ferry Boat tour of the town with a guide. There are some great food points in Bristol. You can enjoy a walk, have a great coffee or a delicious meal at one of the cafes or restaurants of the town.

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