Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

As well as being a special hotel in India, Sanchal Fort takes great pride in being a best heritage hotels in Rajasthan. In order to take you back to mediaeval times, we have taken great care to ensure that these time-honored structures are restored and maintained with authenticity. Located in Barmer, Rajasthan, this awe-inspiring heritage hotel near Jaisalmer is a great destination for your royal holiday in Barmer.

Weekend Tour destination in Rajasthan: Best Heritage hotels in Rajasthan

While most heritage resorts near jaisalmer, barmer are born with the beauty and treasures of history, Sanchal Fort known as a Luxury hotels in Rajasthan which offers a vibrant site for magical weekend getaways, feasts, celebrations, and conferences. This 15th-century best heritage hotel in Rajasthan is among the most popular for weekend tour destination in Rajasthan and is ideal to invent your own past at the dream site of history.

Instead, Sanchal Fort-Palace, one of the oldest and best heritage resorts near Jaipur, takes you to a great experience that really immerses you back in the past five centuries. You will not be able to find the standard comforts of a typical hotel here.

Discover the Best Heritage hotels of Rajasthan

In India, heritage hotels of Rajasthan are not a rarity; several states do have them. But Rajasthan has more than its fair share of heritage hotels, and has been converted into a heritage hotel for almost every haven, every fort and every palace here. What the traveller will find, in most situations, is a beguiling mixes of old and new.

Sanchal Fort – The Best Heritage hotels in Rajasthan

The hospitality of Sanchal Fort is recreated by history and derives its name from the very blessing Sodha received from his Sati sister Sanchiya Devi, “Sanchal Fort.” The Chacharo Sodha family “Recreated the Desert Fort” and transformed the period that once existed when the Sodha ruled over the provinces of Thar & Sindh.

In Rajasthan, heritage hotels abound, and anyone travelling through the state will literally stumble over one every couple of kilometres. However, we provide an insight into what some of Rajasthan ‘s finest, most well-known heritage properties have to offer just for the sake of convenience.

Nevertheless, here is a glimpse of the attractions, the past and some of the little-known facts of a few of the most significant heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

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