The Best Parts of Sydney ( Experience Sydney Like a Local )

The Best Parts of Sydney ( Experience Sydney Like a Local )

First-time visitors in Sydney always get surprised when they hear the answer to the popular question “So, how can I get to the city centre?”. Straight up, it is a common misconception that there is an actual centre per se. To make it clearer, it is important to understand that the stunning city of Sydney is officially divided into ten unique districts, each with its own personality. From the heart of the city (which is the Central Business District) to the affluent Northern Suburbs, there is truly a lot of things to see and explore when visiting Sydney. On a side note, remember to think of the means of transportation in advance, because it is almost impossible to walk from one village to another! So, whether you are planning a casual trip or going for a business meeting, here are the must-see parts of Sydney and the best activities to do whilst enjoying your stay.

1.Surry Hills

Surry Hills

A favorite among tourists is one of a kind suburban hotspot named Surry Hills. This part of Sydney is most famous for its lavish art galleries, theatres, fancy dining restaurants, hipster-friendly coffee shops and the ever so popular Bourke Street Bakery. Also dubbed the foodie capital of Sydney, Surry Hills is home to a wide array of quality restaurants and pastry shops. However, the most famous food institution in the area is certainly Gelato Messina, the best ice-cream shop in Sydney. As a matter of fact, hundreds of customers are known to stand in line waiting to taste some of up to 40 different flavors of premium ice-cream. Another activity which more open-minded tourists like is getting tattooed in one of the best parlors in the whole city. For example, experts recommend Authentic, a parlor which specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos.

2.The Rocks, Sydney

If you are more interested in getting to know Sydney from a more historical perspective, then do not hesitate to visit the western side of the harbor, the Rocks. Known also by its indigenous name, Tallawoladah, the area is one of Sydney’s most vibrant tourist spots. When visiting the Rocks, experts recommend checking out the famous Coat Hanger first given chance. As a matter of fact, tourists can take three distinct bridge climbs to reach the world famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. Even though the climb may be fairly expensive, it is regarded as a one in a lifetime opportunity which should not be missed! Other must-see buildings to visit when staying in the area is Cadman’s Cottage and the Rocks Discovery Museum. As a matter of fact, Cadman’s Cottage is regarded as the oldest residential building in the whole country, whilst the Rocks Discovery Museum is an excellent way to get educated about the history of the neighborhood.

The Rocks, Sydney

3.The North Shore

From spectacular views and high-end restaurants, it is not a difficult task figuring out why the North Shore is such a popular part of Sydney. People who are travelling on business matters will especially like this area because it is connected to the most important part of the city, the Central Business District. Many like to describe the North Shore as a mix of pleasure and business served on the rocks after a long productive day in one of the many busy office towers or spots. In fact, it is also considered to be the area of the city with the most showcased skyscrapers and highways. Are you worried about getting food on the way to an important business meeting? Do not fret, because luckily there are plenty of interesting cafes and restaurants in the area which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options on the go. However, the favorite spot of any business traveler on the North Shore is definitely the suburb named Crows Nest. However, make sure to think ahead of time and look for the North Shore accommodation as soon as you can in order to avoid crowds. The best thing about this type of accommodation is that business travelers can enjoy a quiet environment and fully focus on getting the work done.

The North Shore


There is nothing as good as finishing a stressful business meeting and heading out to the beachside for some sunshine and a swim. If this is how you imagine heaven, then head out to the beach-side suburb of northern Sydney called Manly. Indeed, the best part of this area in Sydney is the surf culture; the beaches of Manly are some of the best when it comes to enjoying this amazing summer sport. Even though many would argue that Bondi is a better hangout, experts recommend Manly Beach as a quieter alternative. Plus once you have arrived at the area, there are tons of things to see and do before heading to any other part of the city. From whale-watching to trekking to the North Head, it is certain that each and every tourist will find something worth seeing and remembering in Manly.

Of course, there are many more interesting areas in Sydney to explore, but these were just some of the most interesting ones worth mentioning. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask a local for tips and suggestions when arriving in Sydney! Have fun and enjoy your stay.

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