Best Places to Visit in the USA for Kids & Family

Best Places to Visit in the USA for Kids & Family

It’s time to plan a vacation, and not all families are the same. Perhaps you prefer a relaxing or more luxurious trip and allow yourself things that you usually do not include in your day today. Maybe you are more of an adventure vacation lost in nature, or you are looking for destinations where you can practice sports. Therefore, we have selected some destinations in America for families according to different travel preferences. If you are planning to visit the United States, try making your bookings using Frontier Airlines reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 

The Bahamas

It is one of the most incredible places on the planet. It has white sand beaches and transparent turquoise waters. They are made up of more than 700 islands, but they have some notable tourist attractions. Nassau, is the capital, is located in New Providence, and in it, the street of Bay Street stands out. Grand Bahama is the second most touristic place in the archipelago and perfectly combines beaches and landscapes with incredible vacation resorts.

Eleuthera is one of the most idyllic as it stores colonial-style villas, impressive marine life, and is also close to Harbor Island, which has pink sand beaches. Finally, the Abaco Islands are an earthy paradise where cays and islets abound. It is most suitable for Sybarite families looking for some fun and luxury. 

Appalachian Mountains (United States)

The Appalachian Trail is a long trail that runs along the eastern coast of the United States. It passes through fourteen states and has more than 3,500 kilometers of route. It is not a path that requires an excellent physical condition, but its enormous extensions make it a complicated challenge. Therefore, it is best to choose the sections that you want to cover and enjoy the nature and fauna that it offers. Cross through the National Parks, rivers, forests, and mountains, and you are likely to see wild boars, snakes, and black bears. Children can camp in the area, but you need to be a little careful of the wild animals if you have younger children. 

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

For the families who love adventures, Silver Salmon Creek offers travelers a unique experience in the middle of Lake Clark National Park. Personalized tours and activities are carried out, ranging from brown bear and bird watching, learning to fish or wild salmon, sea kayaking, or boat tours. It has an area of tents that can accommodate groups of up to six people. They offer the opportunity to enjoy the wildest and the most remote nature of Alaska. 

Route 66, Chicago

Traveling Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica is quite an experience as well as a beautiful way to see the country from a different perspective. During the tour, you will find towns in the middle of nowhere, roadside cafes, and restaurants that take you back to the 50s because they seem anchored in the time. It takes at least two weeks to complete the entire route and requires a lot of patience when traveling with the kids. It is recommended to sleep from motel to motel to live the full hipster experience. The tour passes through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and you will end your trip in California. 

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