Best Resorts in Africa and the Middle East

Best Resorts in Africa and the Middle East

The Middle East is awash with pomp and magnetic life. Travel enthusiasts from all across the world feel proud when they visit the Middle Eastern countries. It is because the spots in the Middle East have an enigmatic charm that is hard to find in any other place. From the pristine beaches and sumptuous resorts to the towering skyscrapers and exciting aquariums, the countries in the Middle East entail everything to overwhelm the tourists.

Like the Middle East, Africa is also a place of unending charm and amusement. Over the past couple of years, it has transformed itself from the desert continent to the sparkling tourist destination. In our today’s piece, we will delineate all the luxury resorts of Africa and the Middle East. Let’s get started.

1. Beresheet, Israel

Beresheet is a luxury resort in Israel that showcases the mesmerizing architecture in the backdrop of desert landscapes. Due to its stunning exterior and interior, the hotel has earned the reputation of being the most exclusive hotel in Israel. A vacation of a couple of days here will endure an impeccable hospitality experience that entails the fine dining, spacious rooms, a magnificent pool, a luxury spa, and the incomparable views of the desert landscape. The total area of the hotel is 50,000 square meters, with over 110 guest villas perched across the property.  The ground level of the hotel has 39 sumptuous rooms that have an exclusive private pool.

2. One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

This heavenly hotel in Dubai will provide the guests with an opportunity to endure the luxurious suites and rooms, inspiring restaurants, abundant space, and dramatic architecture. The One&One Royal Mirage has amazing things to welcome you, including soothing fountains, pristine arches, glamorous domes, and the immaculate gardens. Surprisingly, the exciting pathways of the hotel lead down to the enthralling Jumeirah Beach. Whether you want to book the hotel for family functions, or you have an important business conference, One&Only Royal Mirage will never stop to give you peace and serenity. To get a discount in KHI to DXB ticket price, try to book the flights in advance.

3. Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman

This luxury resort is only a two-hour drive from Muscat. It is situated on the fabled Green Mountain, where the elegance meets with the luxury. The dramatic canyon views and the cool mountain climes here will certainly give you an overwhelming feeling. The surrounding deserts of the resort are perfect for any kind of adventure. The resort is also one of the world’s highest hotels and has 82 canyon rooms. In addition, it also houses 33 private villas, including the sumptuous three-bedroom villa. Surprisingly, the hotel also has a platform where Princess Diana once resided. All these reasons will certainly compel you to come here at least once in your lifetime.

4. Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco

This hotel is located on the spectacular Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has also won several awards for the quality it offers to the guests. It is believed that Sir Richard Branson bought the Kasbah Tamadot in on his ballooning expeditions. The hotel has 28 rooms; each of them has been decorated to manifest the captivating architecture of the building and the precious antiques. The magical Kasbah Tamadot is ideal for relaxation and serenity. Lastly, never forget to relish the fresh mountain air as you wander in the beautiful gardens.

5.  Cairo Marriot Hotel, Egypt

This hotel was originally constructed as the palace for visitors. However, now it received the royal treatment owing to the unparalleled luxuries and the amenities the Cairo Marriot Hotel has to offer. The innovative guestrooms of the resort offer complimentary Wi-Fi, luxury bedding, and the 24-hour room service. Most of the rooms have balconies through which the guests can experience the mesmerizing views of gardens and the Nile River. The luxury suites provide guests with fireplaces, kitchenettes, and generous layouts. The guests having the Executive Level can have free access to the breakfast, dessert and afternoon tea. Preferring Emirates airline deals would be perfect for a hassle-free journey to Egypt.

6.  Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Qatar

The Four Seasons Hotel Doha has been reimagined with the innovative impressiveness, shining with sunlight and sea views. From the energetic restaurants and lounges to the elegant lobby, the exemplary retreat of the hotel will give you everything. It features deluxe dining, fine accommodations, private beach and much more. Regardless of which room you book, you will be able to observe the stunning skyline of Doha through the windows. The dining is also diverse here as apart from tasting the traditional Arabian dishes, you would also be served with the seafood and authentic Italian classics.

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