How To Choose The Best Trekking Place In Nepal?

How To Choose The Best Trekking Place In Nepal?

Nepal is well known as the Himalayan country. This is because it hosts almost 60% of the entire Himalayan range. The Himalayas are the largest mountain ranges and it hosts the highest mountain in the world, the Mount Everest.

Since so many years, the Himalayas have stood their ground as a source of inspiration, sometimes almost like a muse for so many kinds of people. Artists, musicians, painters, story-tellers, poets and walkers on the face of this earth have looked towards the Himalayas for solace. When there is so much in the world that is going haywire- and chaotic for the soul, one turns to the cool alpine mountains to retain their calm and composure.

The Himalayas have several kinds of terrains to choose from. All kinds of trekking enthusiasts flock in large numbers to scale the heights of these peaks. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trekker, the Himalayas have a beautiful trail for you to trek on. Trekking tours in Nepal maybe the most thrilling adventure you’d ever set a foot on. One of the most famous trails, Nepal has to offer is the Everest base camp trek. This is where a recent overcrowding happened, that took the lives of a few trekkers, and may their souls rest in peace in the Himalayas. But it still remains one of the most pristine trails to journey on.But how does a beginner choose the best trekking trail in Nepal?

Here is what you must keep in mind while choosing your trek.

  1. How fit are you?
    Now you must not be put off if you think that you are not “fit enough” for a trek. Some of us put ourselves down by the standards of the world when it comes to fitness. There have been trekkers who were above the age of 70 and still trekking on some of the moderate level trekking trails such as the Ghorepani Poonhill trek.
    Trekking in Nepal has seen so many stories of people pulling themselves up from the box in their minds and letting their capabilities bloom, on some of these trails. They have returned as people who were more confident about themselves as the trek came to an end.
    If you still think you may not be fit enough to walk for days, start exercising, stretching and work on making your joints more flexible. If you are exercising even for 15 minutes every day, for a month before a trek starts, you are quite a bit ready for the trek.
    The rest of the inspiration you need to complete the trek will come from the pristine landscapes that you witness and a good guide.
  2. What is the difficulty level of the trek?
    Now in Nepal you may find an array of trekking trails to choose from. Some of them might take you just a matter of 5-6 days to complete and are low altitude treks.
    And then there are difficult treks that go on for 8-9 days. On these difficult treks, one may have to travel several mountain passes, high altitudes and severe weather conditions.
    Then, there are the moderate level treks that pan for about 6-7 days with moderate heights to scale. No matter the difficulty level, be sure to witness some of the most mesmerizing landscapes, alpine forests, lush flora and fauna on each trail.
  3. What time of the year is it?
    The difficulty level of a trek also depends on the weather and the climate you choose to trek in. The best time of the year to choose trekking in Nepal is in the autumns. The dryness in the air assures no rainfall that may cause deadly fatalities sometimes. The visibility is at its best at this time of the year and this is at around (early October to mid December).
    The second best time of the year to trek in Nepal is the spring season (late February to early may). This is when one may witness the many colors on the mountains from the flowers and the alpine trees. The chilling winter breezes have passed at this time of the year and it is still cool enough and vibrant to trek.
    Now there are people who prefer the winters and are not scared of the snow and the chilling winter breezes. There almost is a different kind of fan base for such a trek. The best time for winter trekkers is mid December to early February. And then there are trails in Nepal, which are open for trekking all year round, Such as the Gorepani Poonhill trek.

Just these few points to keep in mind and you are good for choosing a trek in Nepal that suits your pleasures and expectations.

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