Book Cheapest Flight Tickets With Avianca Airlines

Book Cheapest Flight Tickets With Avianca Airlines

About Avianca

Avianca airlines is a Columbia based airline that was introduced in the year 1919. This airline is also a part of a synergy group that is offering services in Brazil and Ecuador.

Avianca Airlines is the largest airline in Colombia and the second-largest airline in Latin America. This airline has been providing flight services for decades.

Avianca Airlines is the main airline that is connecting South America to the rest of the world. It has its headquarters situated in Bogota. Currently, the airline is serving more than 40 destinations in America and Europe.

Avianca airlines fleet

Currently, this airline has fleets size of 117 including:

  • Boeing
  • Cessna
  • Embraer craft

Subsidiaries of the avianca airlines

  • Avianca brasil
  • Aerogal avianca ecuador
  • Avianca costa rica
  • Avianca argentina

Class of the Avianca Flights

Economy class

The passengers can book the most affordable flight tickets for economy class at Avianca flights. This class is the lowest cost cabin class and the passengers are also allowed to choose for the super promo, Econo, and Flexi in economic class fares.

The seating in the economy class is the same for everyone. The only benefit you will get is for the pre seat selection, cancellation charges, and so on.

Economy class seating

The seating of the economy class is very comfortable with leg space available. The seats have the personal screen attached at the backside to keep the passengers entertained.

Economy class facilities

The passengers traveling in the economy class will get the facility of in-flight entertainment such as in-flight food and beverages. The passengers can order the in-flight breakfast, lunch, and dinner available from the in-flight menu.

The in-flight served food is made up of the quality ingredients keeping the dietary requirements in mind.

Depending upon the time of travel, there are certain flights that serve the hot plate option along with the delicious dessert. Avianca airlines tickets are available at the most reasonable price.

Premium economy class

Avianca Airlines does not have any premium class. If passengers want to experience a premium class, they can book the business class.


The passengers can book the business class on Avianca flights. They can experience luxury during their flights. Last-minute business class seats can be booked for Avianca flights.

Business-class facilities

Business-class passengers will get the benefit of priority of boarding, VIP lounges, baggage allowances, complimentary drinks and meals onboard.

Business-class seats

The business class seats are the most luxurious one and it can be reclined for a sleeping position. The seats of the economy class have the personal tv screens attached at the backside of the front seat.

Moreover, the seats of the economy class have the pillow and blanket along with a travel kit. Also, they can experience the USB ports and international plugs.


The Avianca airlines do not have the first-class facility available for the passengers.

Check-in information

The passengers can check-in at the airport via online check-in or airport check it.

Online check-in

The passengers who want to escape the long queue at the airport can check via an online method. The online check-in can is done on the official page of check-in.

The passengers can check-in from their own place prior to 24 hours of scheduled flight departure.

Airport check-in

Passengers can check-in at the airport. The airport check-in requires you to check-in prior to 3 hours of the international scheduled flight departure. And for domestic flights, passengers are required to check-in prior to 1 hour of the scheduled flight departure.

Moreover, the passengers can also check-in via the self-service at the airport kiosks. The passengers are required to fill the details at their check-in at airport kiosks.

The self-service kiosk at the airport closes prior to 35 minutes of the scheduled flight departure.

Avianca airlines Baggage information

Carry on baggage

The passengers are allowed to take one carry on baggage for each passenger along with one personal item.

The dimension of the carry on baggage must not exceed 115 centimeters in size and the weight must not be more than 10 kg. This is applicable to all class passengers.

Checked-in baggage

The passengers are allowed to carry one check-in baggage item free. The dimension of the baggage must not exceed 158 centimeters and the weight for the baggage must not be more than 23kgs.

Business-class passengers are allowed to carry two checked-in baggage items with them and the size of each check-in baggage must not be more than 158 cms (sum of length, width, and height). The weight for both the baggage must not be more than 32 kgs.

NOTE: if you are carrying extra baggage, you will be charged accordingly and if the weight exceeds, there are extra prices applicable for that too.

Frequent flyer program

For the loyal passengers of Avianca Flights, the airline has introduced the frequent flyer program to benefit the regular passengers.

The passengers can earn miles and points and that can be redeemed for the future travels with Avianca flights. This frequent flyer program has three categories depending on the kind of travel and seat booking i.e, silver life miles, diamond element, and gold elite.

This frequent flyer program can benefit the passengers to earn miles and redeem for future travel.

Popular routes of Avianca Airlines

  • Bogota to San Andres
  • Bogota to Boston
  • Bogota to Santa Marta
  • Bogota to Madrid
  • Bogota to Miami
  • Bogota to Leticia
  • Bogota to Cartagena

In-flight services

The passengers traveling with Avianca flights will get the in-flight food services and complimentary drink services. They can order food and drinks from the in-flight menu that is available for the passengers.

Besides, the passengers will also have the app named “Avianca Entertainment”. This app can be downloaded by the passengers on their personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, where they can access the app in flight.

Wifi facility is also available for the passengers where they can enjoy high-speed internet. The high-speed internet will let the passengers connect with their closest ones while they travel with Avianca flights.

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