Buy The Cheapest Fight Ticket with Allegiant Airlines

Buy The Cheapest Fight Ticket with Allegiant Airlines

About Allegiant airlines

Allegiant airline is an American based low-cost airline that was introduced in the year 1997. This airline is operating in several domestic and international destinations at the cheapest airfares.

Formerly the allegiant airline was also known as wets jet airlines. With the start of success, the airline later changed its name as allegiant airlines.

The allegiant airline is the 9th largest commercial airline in the United States serving passengers to numerous destinations. Allegiant airlines  are offering the most affordable and cheapest flight tickets to the passengers.

The passengers can experience a luxury flight and great value for money to multiple destinations. The airline is also offering services to Canada and Mexico.

Hub airport for the allegiant airline is Los Angeles international airport. This airport is also the main hub for American Airlines, Virgin America, United Airlines, Great lake airlines, and Alaska airlines.

Allegiant airlines fleet

Currently, the airline is associated with the fleets including

  • 38 Airbus A319
  • 62 Airbus A320
  • 2 Airbus A320 on order

Top destinations of Allegiant Airlines

At present this airline is serving passengers to the top destinations including

  • Las vegas
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • Petersburg
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Bellingham
  • Punta Gorda
  • Los Angeles
  • Cincinnati
  • Myrtle beach

Allegiant airlines class

Economy class

The passengers can travel at the most affordable rates in Economy class. The Economy class in Allegiant airlines is the only class available for the passengers.

Economy class seats

The passengers traveling in the economy class can get the most comfortable seats in flight for their journey. The seats of the economy class are in 3* 3 formation.

The seats of the allegiant flights are made up of leather. The width of the seat is 17 inches and the pitch inches are between 30 to 34 inches.

Economy class facilities

The passengers can only book seats for the economy class. The in-flight services offer Wi-Fi services for the entertainment purpose of the passengers. The passengers can carry their own wifi-enabled devices to use in-flight during their travel.

But the personal devices must fit in your carry on baggage. Besides this, the onboard food and beverages are available for the passengers. They can purchase snacks, alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks on board.

The in-flight meals are prepared with high-quality ingredients keeping the dietary requirement in mind.

Note: Passengers are not allowed to take their own alcoholic drinks with them, on board. Rather, they can purchase the packet of chips, and other snacks.

The passengers can check online and they will also get the facility of pre-purchase of their preferred seat.

Premium economy

Currently, the Allegiant airline is not offering any premium economy class to the passengers.


Currently, the Allegiant airline is not offering any business class to the passengers.


Currently, the Allegiant airline is not offering first-class to the passengers.

The requirement for selecting an exit row

The passengers can book the exit row seats, but there are certain terms and conditions applicable to the passengers, they are:

●The passengers must be adults. The age of the passenger must be above 15 years.
●The passenger musty not be traveling with any pet
●Pregnant women are not allowed to book the exit row seat
●The person must be fluent in English so that they can read the instruction written in English
●Must not be traveling with any wheelchair or assisting device
●Must be capable of lifting the exit door of 50 lbs in weight
●The passenger booking the exit row must be free from any injuries.

Allegiant Airline Reservations

Traveling with allegiant airlines will give the benefit of saving money to the passengers. They can book their allegiant flights for numerous destinations.

Besides, if they are facing any problem, the customer care representatives are always available for them to solve their problems. Allegiant airlines reservations  can be done at any time as it is operational 24*7.

It is recommended to the passengers to book their seats in advance for the Allegiant flights. The advance seat can be booked via the official website of the airline or simply you can call the customer care representative for further guidance.

Especially, if you are traveling with your family and want to book your ticket together, then you can book the seat in advance.

Baggage information for Allegiant airlines

Carry on baggage

The passengers booking their allegiant flight tickets are allowed to carry one personal baggage with them following their baggage policy.

This personal item can be your small briefcase, purse, coat, hat, small backpack, and so on. The dimension for the personal item must not be more than 7* 15* 16 inches.

The dimension for the carry on baggage must not exceed 9*14*22 inches for each of the carryon items to be carried in flight.

Checked baggage

The passengers traveling with the allegiant flights are entitled to carry the checked package but they are applicable for the charges according to their bags while traveling with allegiant flights.

The passengers are allowed to carry four checked baggage with them and the price depends on the dimension and weight of the baggage.

Check-in information

The passengers traveling with the allegiant airlines are allowed to check-in via online method, mobile app check, or airport check-in depending on their convenience.

Online check

The passengers who are concerned about their timings, they can check-in via an online method. This online check-in method can allow the passenger to check-in from their own preferred place.

Mobile check-in

Besides the online check-in, the passengers can check-in via the allegiant airline mobile app. This app will allow passengers to check in with their mobile phones. This app is very easy to use for check-in.

Airport check-in

Other than these, the passengers can also check-in at the airport. For airport check-in, the passengers are required to reach at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled flight departure.

Reaching prior to the scheduled flight lets you save from the last minute hustle-bustle at the airport for check-in.

Allegiant airlines frequent flyer program

Allegiant airlines do not have any frequent flyer program for the passengers. If the passengers want to earn points, they can earn points by using the allegiant world-class MasterCard.

All a passenger is required to do is to link the card with the my-allegiant account. This card will let you get the facility to buy one and get one free ticket.

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