Camping in Hot Weather

Camping in Hot Weather

Camping is great fun for adventure lovers. Some people go on camping in rainy season and winter season. But the real fun lies in camping in the summer.

It is really fun and pleasure when you camp under the sunshine. You will not face any rain or fog problem.

For camping in summer, you have to be careful about some factors to enjoy the camp properly. In this article, I am going to tell you about how you can enjoy camping in hot weather.

Enjoy camping in hot weather

Everyone waits for the summer to camp outdoors. Here are some tips you can follow to enjoy camping in hot weather:

Pack your essentials

You have to take some very essential personal things for camping in summer. Such as:

First aid kit

Take a first aid kit with you. Take some medicines in the kit box also. The kit will help you in general cuts and simple fever and dehydration.

Plenty of water

When you are going camping in the hot weather, take plenty of water with you. There might be a water problem in the area where you are going to camp. This water will help you in that situation.

Sensible clothing

While taking the cloth, be sensible about choosing them. Take clothes which is perfect for the weather.


When you are camping under the sun, the dangerous UV rays can damage your screen. So it is important to use sunscreen cream to protect your skin.


If you have a sunglass with you, it can protect your eyes from the beating sun and reflected sun rays.

Sun Hats

Sun hat is very essential equipment for camping. You can choose the hats with a big round corner. It will protect you from the sun and sweat management system will stop the sweat from getting into your eyes.

Pitching location and timing

The place where you are going to pitch your tent is very important. In hot weather, it is better to pitch the tent under a shade. You will stay cool. Shade will also protect the tent fabrics.

It is better to pitch the tent early in the day or later in the day. Because you can avoid the heat of the midday sun.

So, choose pitching time wisely.

Let some cool air come into your tent

Pitch your tent in such a way that air can easily come into your tent. Keep your tent zip open when you are just taking rest inside.

Air will keep your tent cooler.

Curtains are more than privacy

You can use curtains in your tent not only for privacy reason but also to protect the heat.

Heavy curtains can stop the heat from coming inside the tent.

Polly cotton tent

When you buy a tent for your summer camping, buy one which is made from Polly cotton.

More air can pass through the Polly cotton fabrics which are very important in hot weather. It will keep the tent environment cool and you will be able to breathe easily inside.

Roof protector or sky shield

Some tents have a roof protector feature. Roof protectors or sky shield is like an umbrella over the tent.

It is an additional attachment with the tent. You can take the tent without this also if you want. But it’s better to take in the summer season as it gives shade over your tent.

Right sleeping bag

You cannot use the same sleeping bag you use in winter. So choose a proper sleeping bag for camping in summer.

Stay hydrated

In the summer season, you will sweat a lot. To fulfill the need of water, drink a lot of water.

Drink water and glucose drinks to stay hydrated in the heat. If you become dehydrated, it will become a very big problem while you are in the camp.

So, drink water even you don’t feel thirsty.

Use cool box

Bring a cool box with you for camping in the summer. You can keep water bottles, energy drinks and beer inside the cool box.

Nothing is better than a bottle of chilled beer while camping in the hot weather.

You can keep a wet flannel towel inside the cool box also. So, when you feel extreme heat, this cool wet towel will give you a very big relief. Grab that towel on your neck and you will feel good.

 Repelling insects

You will see a lot of insects during the summer time. Use anti-insect and mosquito spray on your body to stay safe from them.


Camping is a great adventure and fun in the summer. It will be more enjoyable and relaxing if you follow some general tips. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the instructions I have given above and go camping to enjoy the summer and nature.

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