Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi – Helping People of Ghana with Canada Immigration!

Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi – Helping People of Ghana with Canada Immigration!

If you’re from Ghana and wish to live and work in Canada, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are several options available and that many people have already done so. Did you know that there are approximately 60,000 Ghanaians in Canada right now? You can also be one of them if you take the help of right Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

The majority of Ghanaian immigrants choose to live in Toronto, Montreal, or Manitoba, however many Ghanaians have settled across the country.

If you’re wondering how to get a work visa in Canada from Ghana, take a look at the following work permit programmes.

  1. Express entry

The Express Entry system was created to help Canada meet its Labour market needs by allowing foreign employees to occupy in-demand jobs. Foreign workers are needed to assist maintain economic growth in Canada because a big section of the population is approaching retirement age.

Because of its six-month application processing period, Express Entry is a popular route to enter Canada. If you succeed, you might soon be living and working in Canada.

Express entry has 3 main programs:

  1. Federal skilled workers program
  2. Federal skilled trades program
  3. Canadian experience class

If you’re from Ghana and want to work in Canada, look into the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Each programme has its own set of requirements.

Although the requirement for both FSWP and FSTP are based on the same factors.

There are 6 main factors that are considered while checking the requirements for FSWP:

  1. Skilled work experience
  2. Language ability
  3. Education
  4. Admissibility


  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is for skilled professionals who want to live permanently in one of Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia. Foreign graduates who completed their studies in one of these four provinces are also eligible to participate in the pilot. To live there you can take help of Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

There are three different programmes in the Atlantic immigration pilot: the Atlantic international graduate programme, the Atlantic high-skilled programme, and the Atlantic intermediate-skilled programme.

Applying through the programme that best meets your needs is the key to increasing your chances of a successful application.

  1. Home care provider pilot

This is the option for you if you have a strong desire to serve others. The Home Care Provider Pilot could help you obtain a work visa in Canada if you are from Ghana.

There are two programmes in the Home Care Provider Pilot: Home Support Worker and Home Child Care Provider.

These programmes allow caregivers to get permanent residency in Canada after working in the country for two years. Additionally, the pilot programme allows family members to work or study in Canada while you gain experience.

What is the role of a home support worker?

Home support workers provide personal care and support to elderly, individuals with disabilities, and people in rehabilitation during vulnerable periods such as recovery, incapacitation, and family disruption.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Preparing meals
  2. Feeding
  3. Bathing
  4. Changing dressings
  5. Administering medications
  6. And other general housekeeping duties

Who can apply for one?

Just make sure before applying you check your scores on calculator.

If you want to apply as a Home Support Worker or a Home Child Care Provider, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Family caregiver
  3. Home support worker
  4. Attendants for person with disabilities – home care
  5. Live-in caregiver for senior citizens
  6. Personal aide- home support
  7. Personal care attendant- home care
  8. Respite worker- home support
  9. Doula
  10. Home visitor (infant care)

Everything is secondary while you are applying for Canada PR. One thing that should be a priority is; you need to have eligible scores for Canada PR. You may check your scores using the CRS score calculator.

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