Cheapest Low-Cost USA Airlines to Fly in America

Cheapest Low-Cost USA Airlines to Fly in America

List of airlines offering low-cost USA airlines to fly between the main cities of America and to some destinations in Central and South America. Ideal for those who live in the United States or for a trip to discover America, as an alternative to the coast to coast by car, they allow you to move comfortably within the United States, without spending too much.

Two tips to find a cheap USA flight

When looking for your flight to the United States consider these 2 simple rules:

  1. The city of departure could have a significant influence on the price: starting from Rome or Milan generally costs less than starting from less served airports (for example Florence or Pisa).
  2. If you have some flexibility, try to find the best combination of dates, looking for prices in the days before or in those following the set date, often the rates change significantly from one day to the next.

US internal flights are not as convenient as they used to be, however in many cases they constitute a valid alternative to the train (which is often quite expensive in the States).

Booking cheapest internal flights may be worthwhile especially if the trip you are about to take is well organized and with the necessary stages outlined in advance (try to book air tickets at least 3 weeks before).

Transcontinental companies generally also deal with internal routes in the country, however, there are also others that are dedicated to particular to this type of service. The main airlines for US domestic flights are as follows:

  1. Southwest Airlines: the largest American airline for domestic flights, has recently bought another giant of low-cost flights, AirTran.
  2. JetBlue Airlines: one of the companies with the highest popularity rating; offers connections from New York to the West Coast.
  3. Spirit Airlines: based in Florida, offers routes throughout the United States.
    You can search for internal low-cost flights in the United States of America directly on the companies’ websites, or by using the online comparators mentioned above.

How to check the cheapest price? First of all, it is good to know that, usually, buying the flight directly from the airline is not the best solution. Although it can always happen to find some rare occasion (perhaps by subscribing to the newsletters of the companies themselves), in general prices are in the medium-high range.

The best choice is to fall back on the online comparators, which allow you to easily identify the most suitable cheapest flight among the various airlines and to buy it quickly.

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