The Reason For Choosing A Trip To Tibet In Winter Is Needed

The Reason For Choosing A Trip To Tibet In Winter Is Needed

Many people think that the best time to visit Tibet is from April to October. I think most people think that most of the Sichuan-Tibet line in winter is covered with snow and ice, and the temperature is very low, so now is not a good time to travel in Tibet. I don’t know that there will be such a scene in winter in Tibet. A quiet, less impetuous. For experienced travelers, the winter scenery in Tibet is unique. Only true travel experts can know how beautiful Tibet is in winter!


This article will show you why you need to choose a winter trip to Tibet.

Four reasons for traveling to Tibet in winter

Reason 1: The climate is good, the winter sun is very warm

Contrary to the imagination of almost people, Tibet in winter is not all ice and snow, and the weather is cold.

Tibet is located in low latitudes, and the winter warm sun is everywhere from November to March of the next year. The air is purer, the visibility is higher, and the scenery is more magnificent.

Reason 2: There are few tourists, and the trip is leisurely and comfortable.

Visitors to Tibet are mainly concentrated in May-September. Compared with the tourist season, there are fewer people in the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. Visitors can take a leisurely mood and walk around the Potala Palace. Red and white buildings and Sunlight Golden Roof will not bother to buy tickets for the Potala Palace.

Reason 3: Great savings, winter travel prices are much cheaper

Winter travel in Lhasa, transportation and food, accommodation, travel, etc. are the most economical time. At the same time, tickets for various attractions are also subject to low season-low prices, such as the Potala Palace tickets from November to the end of April, from the 200 yuan in the peak season to 100 yuan.


Reason 4: Alpine response is not necessarily stronger than summer

Winter vegetation is relatively rare, the air is dry, and slight negligence may aggravate altitude sickness. Therefore, the winter tour in Tibet is preferred to Lhasa and Linzhi.

Among them, Linzhi is known as “Xiaojiang South of Tibet” and is located in the “Xiangsha hinterland”. The average elevation is lower than the critical point of the mountain reaction, which is 3,000 meters. The oxygen content is high, which is very suitable for winter sightseeing. The beautiful airport of Linzhi Airport is 2,950 meters high, which is a good step-by-step entrance to the green channel entrance.

After swimming through Linzhi, I adapted to the plateau, going up to the Niyang River to the sun in the sun, the most abundant daylight in the sun, and sunning around the city. It is a leisurely tour that can’t be reached in summer, and the mountain reaction has become a stepped wisdom tour. A unique experience.


Tibet winter tour, you can…

Bathed in the warm sunshine of the city of the sun, the plain Budala stands proudly in the wind and frost of thousands of years.

Sitting quietly in front of the Jokhang Temple, seeing the believers bowing devoutly, the six-character mantra echoes gently in the ear.

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