Benefits of Dash Cam for Private Hire Drivers

Benefits of Dash Cam for Private Hire Drivers

If you are a responsible driver and driving several miles every day to earn a living. You probably won’t get in an accident if you abide by the highway rules. Every year, thousands of people are involved in incidents on UK roads and it’s a fact that a number of accidents have risen in the last years. So, drivers need to be very careful while driving their vehicles on the road. However, you will not find only this benefit of dash cams. We will introduce some more benefits to you.

Reduce Your Private Hire Insurance Cost:

This is not a guaranteed benefit but having a dash cam in your vehicle can possibly reduce your Private Hire Insurance premium because you will be protected against everything who wants to register wrong claims against you. Plus, it gives you proof that you can show to your insurer that an incident wasn’t your fault. This is how you will be covered by your insurer to cover damages that occurred as a result of the incident. Many insurance companies are very reluctant to pay out if you don’t have any proof if it was not your fault.

It is also essential to let your vehicle insurance company know that you have a dash cam installed in your vehicle before you sign up for a policy to get the best deal possible.

Evidence of An Accident:

It is normally seen that when an accident happens, you will find everyone telling the story in his/her own way. No one will tell the insurance company about his/her wrong side. And sometimes, even if you are putting everything right in front of your insurer, your insurer may not trust your words. Having dash cam resolves all such issues!


Some dash cams are available with the feature called “parking mode”. This feature allows the dash cam to keep filming everything around while the car is parked up. A video will be recorded for all the event if some other vehicle causes damage to yours or someone tries to break into your car. This video is evidence to speak the truth about the event happened and the Private Hire Insurance will cover you if someone has damaged your car.

Report Bad Driving:

If you see bad behaviors made by some drivers, dash cam captures such wrongful behaviors. And you can report it to the local authorities to keep the streets a safer place. Driving your vehicle would be safer as bad drivers will be taken off the roads, so, fewer accidents will be caused.

Audio Recording:

Some dash cams also have a microphone that records the audio in the car. This feature is especially useful for the private hire drivers as it can record every abusive voice from passenger’s side or make by other roadside drivers. This is another way to protect yourself from any claim made against you.

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