Day Tour in Moscow!

Day Tour in Moscow!

Moscow, the largest city in Russia, it is located in the west part of the country, and it is famous for its architecture. Lying on the Moskva River, it holds a special place in world’s imagination. Echoes with vast history and modern era technologies. Moscow has many destinations to explore, but here we take you through the famous spots in Moscow that can be covered in one day in many parts. I kany, a blogger at GloboDaily , visited Moscow in April last year. I spend a perfect day in the city strolling through the history, learning about the city’s gothic foundation and trending styles. Here’s my note on what to do for one day in Moscow?

First part : Smolenskaya

The journey begins from the metro station of Smolenskaya. From there you can go for a comfortable walk over the famous Arbat. It is a pedestrian zone. Also, there are many restaurants and shops to visit and to stopover for a coffee would be a great idea. Many street artists perform their art on the street and are a great source of entertainment.

Second part : Arbatskaya

After spending time in Arbat, next stop is Arbatskaya metro station. From there you walk down right to the direction of Kremlin. Visit the Armoury Museum, which is one of the oldest museums and now it is home to the unique collection of Russian Diamond Fund. Further, you can visit the famous department store GUM with all its luxury stores. Try some ice-cream to refresh yourself and spend some time on the Red Square and visit the St. Basil Cathedral.

After spending some quality time in GUM, walk further to Nikolskaya Street which is another pedestrian street in the Kitay-Gorod of Moscow. Witness some amazing architecture and chill yourself up in restaurants & cafes at Nikolskaya Street.

Third part : Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

After spending some time in Nikolskaya Street, come across and turn left for the Bolshoi Theatre (Big Theater). It is one of the famous theater in Moscow for Ballet dance shows and Opera. You can book tickets for your favorite show online.

Fourth part : Tverskaya Street

Visit the Tverskaya Street, the main radial street in Moscow. Here you can walk and enjoy the cool and vibrant atmosphere. On the corner of the street, visit the famous Hotel National. It is one the popular hotels in whole Russia.

Fifth part : Tverskoy Boulevard

After visiting the Tverskaya Street, turn left to the Tverskoy Boulevard. It is the main thoroughfares in central Moscow. Here you can see the first McDonalds of Russia. However, now it is located all over the city.

One can find stylish and small affordable restaurants and cafes in every corner. It is an ideal place to hang out and have coffee with some snacks. However, if you stop over every location it will hardly take 5-6 hours and you will quickly encounter few famous spots of Moscow in one day.

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