Enjoy the adventure of Great Ocean Road tour in Melbourne

Enjoy the adventure of Great Ocean Road tour in Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road of Melbourne is considered to be the best coastal drive in the world. The experience and beauty of the Best Great Ocean Road Tour are incomparable to any other thing on earth. It has got breathtaking scenic views that will stay in your memories forever.

You can experience a lot of diversity in the entire drive. There are rocky cliffs and the buzz of the roaring waves. There is also the calmness of the rain forest. So if you want to experience this diversified adventure, then you will have to take the Great Ocean Road trip at least once in your lifetime.

Things to watch out for in the tour

The Best Great Ocean Road Tour will ensure that you witness the best scenes of Australia throughout. You will get to see the most amazing beaches in Australia covered in beautiful white sand. You will also get to see the renowned surfing beaches of the country which are the most sought after destination for all the surf lovers.

You will see limestone towers and can witness the beauty of various colorful birds which are surely a treat to the vision. You will also be able to visit the world-renowned Bell’s Beach which is the favorite of the world’s best surfers. You will be ready to visit the famous Port Campbell National Park where you will get to see the biodiversity of nature. You will also see the famous Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and the very popular London Bridge.

You can refresh your mood by visiting Otway’s rainforest. The walking through the giant hardwood trees and the eucalyptus trees is undoubtedly refreshing and a great adventure. You can also interact with the local inhabitants of the place by stopping in the Apollo Bay.

The smart options for taking the Great Ocean Road Tour

Most of the tour companies of Melbourne offer a 3-day tour package to ensure that you can visit every spot and enjoy all the activities provided in each place.

The first day of the tour includes visiting of Bell’s Beach, Spirit Lighthouse, Otway’s rainforest, twelve Apostles and some more places. In this tour package, you will be provided with the morning tea or coffee and lunch.

The second day of the tour includes all the beautiful places from where you can witness the breathtaking sunset on the sea. The tour starts little late in the day and ensures that all the travelers are entirely chilled and relaxed.

The third day of the Great Ocean Road tour is all about enjoying the adventures of the trip. You will get to explore the Grampians hinterland. You can go camping by the fire and enjoy the beauty of the glowworms. There are other famous sites like the Mackenzie Falls, the koalas at the river Kennett, London Bridge, the Mahogany ship and many more places.

So if you are an adventure lover, then you must surely try out the Best Great Ocean Road Tour package of Around And About Travel & Planning. Contact Now.

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