Enrich Employee Learning Experience with Gamification in Corporate Training

Enrich Employee Learning Experience with Gamification in Corporate Training

There is no denying the fact that games are man’s best past time. Over the years, the types of games and their complexity levels have changed considerably, however, their purposes have still remained the same i.e. to provide entertainment and engross the human senses. While entertainment is the main reason why people play games, it is the involvement of senses that makes them a perfect tool to tackle modern-day training conundrum. Integration of gamification in corporate training programs instantly leads to better learning by stimulation of the senses improves cognition and at the same time develops the mental ability to store knowledge for long.

Incorporating Gamification in Corporate Training

Out of the many training techniques, gamification in corporate training is a sure shot way to improve the learning capabilities of employees. The content delivered via gamification is easier to learn and recall than the one communicated through traditional classroom methods. But gamification can only be successful if it is integrated into the training content properly. Have a look at some important points with respect to the integration of gamification in training programs:

  1. Relevance – Gamification should not be added randomly but only when there is a real need for it. Like at the end of a training session, a game that offers rewards in the form of trophies and badges, instantly motivates a trainee to do its best.
  2. Game Difficulty – Whether you require simple gamification to inspire employees to do well or serious games for imparting critical concepts, game difficulty should be in-line with what needs to be done.
  3. Evaluation – A gamification solution that allows managers to evaluate employee progress is essential for improving the results. The gamification integrated with training content should provide straightforward results that can be looked at and analyzed by the people in charge.
  4. Easy to Integrate – If you already have a learning management system, you need gamification solutions that can be easily integrated with it.

Building training solutions that keep all the aforementioned points in mind can be tough for people not experienced in the field. Instead, it is a better option to use the experience of a seasoned custom eLearning solutions provider like MPS Interactive.

MPS Interactive has been a part of the training industry for nearly three decades and forged a good reputation by delivering time-tested gamification learning solutions for the corporate world.

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