The Best Ways to Explore London Using Public Transport

The Best Ways to Explore London Using Public Transport

Have you decided to visit London? London is an amazing city offering many things to do and many places to visit for the travelers. The city has got many great attractions to see, which you cannot miss while visiting to London.

However, getting around London is not an easy task due to traffic and parking issues. There are many other easy ways to stroll around the city; the best way is to opt for the public transport.  Taking public transport will save your time and money both. Tubes and buses are the most commonly used mode of transport in London. To help you in getting around London, here is the guide for exploring the city by using public transport.

1. Bus Tour

Bus is the most popular mode of transport used in London. Being cheaper and easily accessible, it is widely used for commuting. It covers almost all corners of London. You can easily commute from your luxury serviced apartments to the rest of the city. The best thing is that these buses operate day and night with easy accessibility by plying to the bus stops at almost each and every corner of the city. You can go anywhere in the bus. You can use Oyster card as well. No doubt, it is slower than the train due to traffic, but it is worth travelling in the bus where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city.

2. The Tube

Another important means of transport in the city is the Tube. It is the oldest underground transport of the World. If you are tight on time, have busy schedules back to back; then travelling by the tube is the best option for you. It is the most efficient way of travelling as there is no stress of traffic and trains are on time. They come in every 5 or 10 minutes. Moreover, there is no difficulty in finding underground stations as they are easily recognizable due to their red circled design with blue text.

3. Black Cabs

You cannot miss to take a black cab in London for travelling. They have a minimum fare irrespective of the place where you are travelling and they have different tariffs as well depending on the time you are travelling. No doubt, it is a bit pricey affair to travel in black cab but at the same it is a good experience as well. If you are willing to hire a taxi, you have to wave your hand to stop them. Depending on the availability, the driver will pick you up. Black cabbies do not accept oyster card. So, do not forget to take cash or credit card along with you while travelling by cab. You can book taxis also from apartment hotel in London.


The Tram link service, also known as Tram serves in South London. It runs from Wimbledon, through to Croydon and Beckenham. It is a very huge network consisting of four lines. The tram is easy to commute, it works like the bus as it also has fixed fare and you can use your oyster card to pay the fare.

5.DLR (Docklands Light Railway)

Again, it’s trains! Yes, London has finest transportation services serving each and every corner of the city with ease. DLR is an automated rail system, which means it has no drivers, everything is automatic. It covers the docklands area of London i.e. East and South of Central London. DLR is same as the underground tram in terms of fare and usage. You can use your oyster card for commuting.


The London Overground is same as the London Underground, the only difference is that it is over the ground. It covers the stations where underground does not work. You can simply change the services as they come under the same fare zone. In terms of fare and usage, again, it’s same as the underground. You can commute easily by using oyster card. Overground is also easy to recognize through its logo. The only difference is that it has an orange circled design instead of red.

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