Five Best Things To Do In Vancouver

Five Best Things To Do In Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most prettiest cities in the world. It sits on the shores of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by mountains, forests and wildlife. If you are passionate about exploring nature or love outdoors sports, such as skiing, hiking, or golfing, Vancouver is a fantastic destination for you. But that is not all. Vancouver offers world class restaurants with locally sourced ingredients that allows you to eat some of the freshest and most delicious food anywhere in the world. Overall, it is one of the best places to walk with a coffee in hand enjoying some amazing sights.

5 Best Things To Do In Vancouver

Walk Along Seawall

The Seawall is the largest unbroken waterfront path in the world. It is 28km (17mi) and goes from Stanley Park to the University of British Columbia. You can walk or bike with reasonably priced rental bikes available all over the city.

Go To The Beach

There are multiple beaches all over the city that offer amazing amenities such as playgrounds, food stands, barbecue pits, beach volleyball, and other sports. Where you go is really a matter of a convenience and what kind of view you want.

Go To Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is an enormous public park almost sitting on the Pacific Ocean. It is 400 hectares in size (1000 acres) and is an easy walk to downtown Vancouver. It is filled with free activities, such as tennis, flower gardens, water park, and playgrounds.

In addition, Stanley Park has several beaches to enjoy, an internationally recognized Aquarium, and a public display of beautiful native Indian totem poles and art. You could easily spend days exploring Stanley Park, but if you don’t have that much time, you should set aside at least a day.

Go To Granville Island

Granville island is situated in downtown Vancouver. Parts of it feel like a quaint seafront village, while other parts feel like a working seaside port. Throughout, you will find craft shops, breweries, and commercial design centers selling their unique products.

One of the best activities on Granville island is to go to the Public Market which is a huge center celebrating all things food! There are stalls and tables filled with fresh vegetables, seafood, and meat. More refined offerings are also on offer, such as baked goods, fresh pasta, gourmet take away meals.

There are also lots of children activities on Granville Island. There is one full building designated to kids with activities, crafts, and stores. Just outside is a large free outdoor waterpark open in the summer.

Take A Day Trip to Whistler

Whistler is 120 km north of Vancouver. To get there, you have to drive (or take a bus) along the Sea to Sky Highway, one of the most breathtaking highways in the world. For 1 ½ hours, you wind your way between the Ocean and the mountains, and will witness some absolutely awe-inspiring vistas.

Once in Whistler, you have amazing choices to make. You are surrounded by hundreds of hiking or biking trails up in the mountains, or along the Valley Trail. You can play tennis in dozens of free courts all over town. In winter, you have some of the best downhill skiing in the world. In the summer, you have beautiful lakes to explore. As for food, like Vancouver, you will have some fantastic options, from 5* to budget friendly choices.

How To Pack?

Vancouver is in the Pacific Northwest and is a temperate rainforest. In the summer, you could have a day that starts with you in pants and a long sleeve top, even a rain jacket for a light drizzle, followed by a blazing hot afternoon, requiring shorts, sandals and lots of sunscreen. In winter, you should definitely have a pair of waterproof boots nearby and of course, if you are passionate about hiking, you should pack a good pair of hiking boots ready to hit the trails. If you intend to go to Whistler, the weather is similar to Vancouver except in the winter. Whistler is a snowy winter paradise from December to April so pack accordingly.


Vancouver is a fantastic destination for anyone who loves to walk, explore, be surrounded by nature, and who loves to eat. For anyone travelling to the Pacific northwest, it should definitely make it on your itinerary.

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