Five Things You Should Buy in Agra Tour Package

Five Things You Should Buy in Agra Tour Package

Things To Do In Agra Tour Package

Marble Souvenirs

Agra is famous worldwide for its marble monument. Taj Mahal has made the marble work of Agra world-famous “Pietre dure” the world-famous art of the Taj Mahal is the alive area today. The same descendants of the artisans who once made the Taj Mahal today make wonderful articles/souvenirs for the tourist, you can search the Taj Mahal Tour Planning in Agra for some exotic marble inlaid tables Lampshades, miniature marble inlaid elephants you can search for your favorite marble souvenir at….. There is a wholesale market of marble souvenirs at downtown Agra at a place called Gokulpura handicrafts bazaar. You can enjoy shopping in this wholesale market.

five things to do in agra tour

Leather items

Agra is a place where leather shoes are made. India has a large bovine population and leather if not easily available is still available. No other city in India can rival Agra in terms of leather shoe production. There are huge export shoes in Agra exclusively dealing in leather shoes. All these export houses have retail outlets associated along with the production. You can buy these leather shoes from these export houses-

  1. Taj Shoe Factory (Stores at Sadar Bazaar, National highway near Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal)
  2. Valentine Shoes (near J.P Hotel)
  3. Retail stores at Sadar bazaar (Berry Store, Dawor store)

Apart from leather shoes, you can also buy leather apparel (Jackets, etc) belts, wallets, etc from Agra. These can be easily bought from various stores such as leather house (near Taj View Hotel) leatherette (near TDI mall).


Petha Sweet

Agra is famous worldwide for its sweetmeat called Petha. This sweet is very popular as it is made without using any oil only sugar and pumpkin go into the making of Petha Sweet. “Panchhi Petha” is one such petha brand. You also try other brands like “Gopal Petha”, Earlier there was only one flavor available but now going with the varied taste there are many flavors of Petha available like Chocolate Petha, Gulab Petha, and so on. You can buy Panchhi Petha at Sadar Bazaar and Gopal Petha from Fatehabad Road outlet.



India is the largest exporter of handmade carpets US alone imports carpets more than 731 million USD from India, Badohi a place near Varanasi is the largest manufacturer of these carpets. These carpets an indigenous product of UP is also manufactured on a large scale in Agra. On your Agra tour, you can also shop for India’s world-famous carpets. There are world-famous carpet export houses in Agra from whom you can buy these carpets. Some of the famous carpet shops in Agra as follows-


When you are visiting Agra don’t forget to experience this exclusive art of embroidery called “Zardozi”. Zardozi is an Urdu word which is a combination of two words “Zar” and “Dozi”. Zar means gold and Dozi means sewing so zardozi is the embroidery art made from Gold and Silver threads. These designs are made on silk or velvet base.


The gold or silver threads are sorts of twirled spring and they are used to make intricate designs of animals, nature, humans, and whatnot. Beads and precious stones are also used for this embroidery earlier the royalty used to patronize this art now in place of Gold and silver imitation material is used to bring the cost down. You can buy excellent zardozi items at a bargain from Agra from these stores.

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