How To Apply And Get Approval For Spouse Visa For Canada

How To Apply And Get Approval For Spouse Visa For Canada

Marriages are made in heaven and you don’t know from where your better half will arrive. In this age of technology, we all are inhabitants of the global village and the geographical distance is not a thing to worry about. If you already knew that he/she is from Canada, then it is better for you to apply for the spouse visa for Canada.

As the country offers many great opportunities for the people who want to showcase their professional skills. And for that, many people move there at the initial stage of their career. A few others want to settle well before they bring their better half in the foreign land.

Whatever the situation, all you need is the approval of the spousal visa to be united with your better half. There are the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi for Canada who are specialized in this work. However, you must be aware of the process by yourself so that you will not face any hassle during the process.

So, here we will know everything about the spousal visa to Canada.

As per the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi for Canada, this particular visa generally takes 12 months to process under any normal circumstances. However, during the Pandemic, there are many uncertainties are going on in every category of the visa applications including the spouse one as well. The sponsored applications of the candidates, whose partners living in Canada, are pending for a long. As per the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada), the government will do the required to reunite the estranged families.

The Spousal Sponsorship is an immigration program of IRCC to reunite the partners or spouse. If the applicant is married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, then he or she can apply for a sponsored visa for permanent residence in Canada.

You have to keep in mind that the spouses need not be a citizen of Canada as the permanent residence can also have the facility as well. However, he or she has to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the particular immigration program.

The spouse who wants to sponsor the partner must have:

  • Required age eligibility which is 18 years or older
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • The financial support to sponsor the spouse
  • Not recipient of financial assistance of Government
  • Not be convicted in any violence or sexual misconduct
  • Not imprisoned

However, in this visa, it does not need to be legally married. If you can prove that you are in a serious relationship, then also you can apply for the same.

What are the points to keep in mind to increase the chance of approval of a spouse visa?

It is very difficult for the couple, especially for the newlyweds to prove their relationship. You need to submit supporting documents that will help the immigration officers to understand that the marriage is for real.

You can include things like wedding and honeymoon photos, email and phone records, and official affidavit to support the marriage.

Things will be better if you can produce proof like a joint bank account, property ownership, same official address, and many other things.

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