Top 3 Activities in Goa Which You Should Definitely Experience
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Top 3 Activities in Goa Which You Should Definitely Experience

Top 3 Activities in Goa Which You Should Definitely Experience

Goa is a state situated in western India that comprises of coastlines along the Arabian Sea. It is known for the Portuguese culture, the architecture, beaches, and history. It is home to the most exquisite beaches of the country while achieving travellers from all over the world. In no time, it has emerged as the party destination of all bachelorettes and bachelors. The place is filled with thrill, adventure, beaches, food, and shacks that make it a raging tourist spot among all.

Goa is not the kind of place that you visit once and then cross it off from your list. After the very first visit, it entirely becomes an urge, and after the next trip, it quite becomes a tradition. Goa is known as the ‘beach capital of India’ and it has everything in store for the visitors. The state is quite like a sort of paradise for the nature lovers and adventurous souls, nightlife lovers and photographers.

There is everything for everyone in that state. From youngsters to couples, everyone can find a piece of heaven out there. Goa is a place which exposes limitless chances to have joy and entertainment. The best adventurous things in Goa would totally enthral each and every adventure lover. Although it is majorly known as a beach paradise, however, numerous adventurous activities are worth experiencing. Here are a top 3 activities in Goa which you should definitely experience:

Beach sight seeing

The activities in Goa need to start with the beaches. Beaches in North Goa tend to steal the limelight. However, beaches in South Goa are a lot less crowded. Bags, Anjuna and Calangute bag the best beaches in the North Goa. The beaches are the perfect backdrop for weddings or any intimate ceremony.

The multitude of beaches in the state offers something for each and everyone. Starting from 5 star resorts to makeshift huts, stay in any place and watch the beautiful sunsets. The beach that is ideal for you will depend on the kind of experience you intend to have in Goa.


Ice-cold drinks, thunderous music, blinding lights along with entertaining games are emblematic attributes of a Goan casino. Goa is one of the very few states in India where gambling is legal and makes it one of the best places to visit. This is all the more attractive for individuals who are interested in trying their luck.

Goa casino is found on the boats that are moored in Mandovi River and coastal in some of the hotels. A very large portion of all activities along with living tables takes place on the gliding clubs of gambling.

You can experiment with playing numerous games such as Rummy, Black Jack, Flash Roulette, and Stud Poker. The casino culture has been initially introduced as a result of the massive inflow of foreign visitors in the state who love enjoying substantial time in nightclubs and casinos.

The casinos are reasonably crowded while attracts the tourists rather than that of the locals. Goa comes with numerous casinos on the luxury liners along with the regular casinos present on the land, in the five star hotels. It is time to make your move and try your luck.

Water sports

The availability of numerous opportunities to indulge is one of the main reasons for which tourists visit Goa again and again. The beaches are ideally suited for a number of water activities like dinghy sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, angling, water skiing, parasailing, swimming, and water scooter. Indulge in these activities for fun filled adventure on the fierce waves.

Splash in the water during the holiday making most of the trip with the numerous water sporting events held at the beaches. Windsurfing is one of the most famous water sport activities in Goa. It requires a person to adjust the strength and also balance the movements and speed of water and wind.

Dinghy sailing is ideal for those who like to have a relaxing experience on the Goa waters. The activity is conducted on 15 feet crafts which can hold up to three to four at a time. Scuba diving in Goa is the best activity for one to indulge in. The seas are blessed with multiple marine life, reefs, and corals. Other sport activities can be easily enjoyed, which includes angling, water skiing, and parasailing.


These three activities in Goa are definitely the ones that you should experience. Goa casino is undoubtedly the major attraction that brings the foreign tourists and also the Indian tourists in Goa. The casino is available in the land as well on the beautiful cruises that make it an easy availability for anyone. With so many activities fill in the smallest state of the country, Goa sure attracts the majority of the tourists due to its popular tourist destination.

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