How To Offer The Best Taxi Rides In Malaysia Without Hassles?

How To Offer The Best Taxi Rides In Malaysia Without Hassles?

Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. According to 2021 reports, the number of domestic visitors in Malaysia was 66.0 Million. The preferred mode of transportation of tourists was via road (94%) out of which 1% traveled in taxis. On the other hand, 1.1% of domestic visitors also preferred traveling via taxis. 

Taxi is one of the popular modes of transportation among Malaysian tourists and visitors. And so, even businesses are trying to keep up with their expectations by offering incredible on-demand taxi services. 

However, with so many taxi apps like Uber and other local cab agencies in Malaysia, it is really tough for tourists and visitors to find the right services for them. 

To solve this problem, you can launch a fully-functional taxi app. Love the idea? Let’s explore the details. 

Taxi App – Ride Booking Process

Booking a taxi ride should be easy for users. Therefore, you need to ensure that the workflow of your app looks similar to the one mentioned below – 

Sign up/Login

If the user is new to your Uber-like taxi app, they would have to register. The process must be simple and short. Integrate the options to sign up with phone numbers, email, and social media on the app. 

Similarly, the login process has to be easy as well. The best option is to provide a biometric authentication system using which your users can log into the app. 

Simply put, Android users will be able to use Fingerprint Scanner on their mobile to log into the app. On the other hand, iPhone users can use Face ID to log into the taxi booking app. 

Add destination

Once the user has logged into the app, they will be able to enter the drop-off location. 

Advanced apps today have the facility where users can add the destination later. 

Also, when adding the pick-up and drop-off locations, users can enter multiple stop-over points if they want to run some errands along the way. 

Select the taxi type

After entering the data, your users will be able to see the different taxi types displayed on the app. Now, based on their requirements like the number of seats, comfort, and price, they can choose the taxi type. 

Choose the payment method

Before booking the ride, you need to select the payment method that you want to use. Taxi apps offer multiple payment methods such as cash, credit card, and in-app wallet. 

Now, depending on what the user wants, they can select the payment method. 

Book now or schedule the ride

Once the payment method has been selected, the user can choose to instantly book the ride or schedule it at their preferred date and time. 

Scheduling is best when users have a flight to catch or have a meeting where they want to reach early. 

After you have laid down the workflow of your Uber-like taxi application, think about the conveniences you would like to offer on the app. 

These would be value-addition points looking at which Malaysian tourists, visitors, and local people would decide if they want to book taxis on your app or not. 

Key Value Addition Factors of a Taxi App

People would like to measure and compare different apps and platforms from where they can book taxis or rent them. 

Therefore, launching the Uber Clone app will help you stay on top of all your competitors. And, here’s why. 

Reasonably priced rides

Anyone who wants to book a taxi in Malaysia will always look at the ‘price’ they’d have to pay. Thus, it is very important to provide the best taxi rides at affordable prices. 

Simply put, you will be benefiting users by offering them the simplest, and most economical cabs in the country. Moreover, there will be no complicated process to book a ride. 

24-hour taxi services

Using your taxi app, users won’t face any issues related to the timing. We deliver prompt, round-the-clock services to your desired location. We are always available to help you. All you need to do is reserve a car and take it easy.

Latest Features

The application you launch must be loaded with multiple advanced features. It should include live location tracking, in-app calling and messaging, online payments, SOS/emergency contacts, and so on. 

Every feature must be integrated keeping in mind the convenience of users. Moreover, enable the option where riders can share the details of the ride with their close ones. 

In Conclusion:

Launch the best taxi booking application in Malaysia and allow riders and visitors to enjoy the convenience of commuting anywhere in the city. 

Confused about where to begin with designing and coding the app that yields amazing results for your business, well, get in touch with experts. 

Study the market carefully when launching a taxi app in Malaysia. Test the demo apps of the developers you are planning to partner with and brainstorm about various things you could do to offer the best taxi rides in the country without any hassles. 

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