Important Things to Know Before You Land In Delhi

Important Things to Know Before You Land In Delhi

There is no second thought about it that Delhi is the home some of the glorious modern architecture with a fusion of culture and art left by the ancestral rulers. The second largest city by population by Mumbai captures the large ratio of the Delhi sightseeing travellers every passing year just because of its captivating sights and mesmerizing architectures. Isn’t it strange that the city is neither close to any mountainous region nor to the sea or beach but still holds the thousands of visitors from various parts of the earth? The city is also famous for its political activities and official happenings. If you are heading to Delhi than continue to reading this till the end to find out the important things to know before you land in this Indian capital.


Unique Amalgamation Of Modernity & Heritage

The city is a hub to some of the brilliant historical constructions which are known for their splendid beauty. It includes Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Akshardham and many more.

Extraordinary Delicious Cuisines

The city is a heaven for all the foodies. Here you can pamper your taste buds with the various types of spicy, tangy, sweet and salty food. Chandini Chowk is one of the popular places for food lovers.

Ultimate Shopping Experience

Delhi has a lot for all the shopping freaks who loves to shop without taking a halt. The city possesses the flood of markets with shopping malls that fascinates the people to purchase for all their needs.

Infinite Activates For Leisure

If you love activities for leisure than here you can find the ample number of opportunities. From multiplexes, museums, shopping malls, clubs, bars, to famous pubs of south Delhi, your day will be well-spent here.

Spectacular Infrastructure

The city boasts an absolutely fantastic infrastructure such as DTC buses & Delhi Metro. In local areas, one can find rickshaw cycle rides with autos. The visitors here can also enjoy Delhi Sightseeing by Bus too.

Experience Indian Soul

India is a country of various historical battles & wars and this can experienced in many huge structures. India Gate is one of the biggest examples of this. It is a memorial for the 90,000 Indian soldiers.

Animated People Of Delhi

Delhi is also seen as a mini India. People here are big-hearted and always let their hands for help. You will never feel like an outsider because of the generosity of the locals. You will like this is your own home.

Place For Handicraft Lovers

If you love handcrafted items then Delhi will not disappoint you. You can check out the items and accessories available at National Crafts Museum, Ministry of Textiles. Apart from that, Dilli Haat can be visited for sure.

Religious Values

Delhi is a diverse city of various religious and cultural values. The city has many famous temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches and shrines. All these notable sites are must to visit at least for once.


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