Why Kolkata Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Why Kolkata Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Planning for a trip to India? Great, then what you must have thought about a trip to Kolkata? If this place was not in your list of destinations then hey, just get to know why you should visit this northeastern city. From historic preservers to the adventurous thrill, all can be found in this capital of West Bengal. You can conveniently plan your next vacation to Kolkata by making bookings using online platforms like Cleartrip and also unlock some special offers and deals using the Cleartrip coupons and offers.

Here are the reasons to motivate you to book your flight for Kolkata now only:

Reason To Visit Kolkata

Former Capital

Don’t you want to see the former capital of India? If it has attracted the British then there must be something for you. The city has served as the capital during British Raj for around a century. Kolkata was also preferred as headquarter of East India Company and also the capital of British territories in the subcontinent. These things had made it a city rich with a historic significance which includes the likes of Victoria Memorial and Indian Museum.

The Enriched Markets

Kolkata is the name famous for its markets. Not only is it the hub of clothes and fabric having a hand-painted and embroidered touch in them, but the city also holds Asia’s largest flower market which is situated at Mallik Ghat. And you know that Kolkata is the city of poets so we can forget books. College Street of the city is the one known as the world’s largest market for used books.


Want to have a Chinese feel? Then, this can only be done in India’s only remaining Chinatown. Terreti Bazaar of Old Chinatown really serves you with the proper street food feel, Chinese temples like Tong On Church, rich cultural offerings and the eccentric stalls. All this is because of the presence of Chinese immigrants and their culture in the region.

The Startling Architecture

The architecture of the city is something that cannot be found in other cities. Its old-world charm with the various famous historic churches, synagogues, temples, old mansions, libraries, and colonial buildings keep the gazer stunned every time as the structures are designed in never seen before ways. The well-renowned formations such as Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace Mansion, Birla Planetarium, Birla Mandir, and Howrah Bridge are must-visit.

The Food

Visiting Kolkata and not trying its culinary service can be the worst thing you can do to yourself. Not only a foodie but a not so interested person in food can also not resist himself after getting introduced to the delicious street food, mouthwatering Bengali sweets and desserts, historic Indo-Chinese restaurants and a variety of legendary eateries. This is what keeps the city among the top cities of the country famous for a food lover.

City Of Poets

Ask one fan of Indian writing, if he doesn’t want to visit the city unofficially getting termed as literature capital and in a way that the title is intact with it for a long time. Jorasanko Thakur Bari, the born place of Nobel laureate and poet, Rabindranath Tagore which is currently located in Rabindra Bharati University campus in Jorasank is the place one would like to visit. Other historic places like this are also waiting for tourists. Also, if one is interested in sightseeing the historic publishing houses then Kolkata is the place.


The word simply means “potter locality”, the place where the artisans are busy with sculpting the idol of Indian God and Goddess, especially of Goddess Durga which catches the eyeball in the festive season. One would prefer to visit the aesthetic place even if the lanes are narrowed.

The Junction

No one can ignore that Kolkata was the place that has contributed the most to the history of Indian railways. Built-in 1854, the Howrah Junction Railway Station is definitely different from what you have at your place as it holds the highest train handling capacity in the country with 23 platforms in duty. The gaze of such a big and historic station would itself be a great experience.

Football Place Of India

It will not be exaggerated even if you called the city the Football capital of India as the city has the history of having the oldest football league of not only India but the world. Founded in 1898, the Calcutta Football League has made the city one of the main attractions for the sports enthusiast. The growing craze for the game is definitely a plus point for the tourist authority of Kolkata.


Are you motivated now? Then what about giving a try to the city having all in it. So stop all your cravings for sightseeing at Kolkata only when you will reach there. Succumbing under any postponement isn’t worth it as all is in your hand only. Unlock your phone or other devices, book the tickets to Kolkata now and experience the beauty of the “City of Joy”.

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