The Lake Island Resort Offers Stay Around Lush Of Nature To Unfold The Story For New Couples

The Lake Island Resort Offers Stay Around Lush Of Nature To Unfold The Story For New Couples

Looking out for bliss, here comes your way to reaching heaven with your beloved one. The secret of blissful life is distributed around the world, and especially in fabulous coastal lake islands. Munroe Island Lake resort located in Kollam district is one of the best backwater resorts in Kerala. The islands facing the juncture of Asthamudi Lake and Kallada River is the best honeymoon destinations in India. The resort is near the coastal area of the Arabian Sea, where you will inhale pure air from turbulent water and gives you an opportunity to enslave yourself in the chest of a beautiful island resort.

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The island resort is no stranger to exploring in the lap of nature, the moistness of rain would welcome the honeymoon couples with privacy for intimacy. You can have fun through canoe cruising to explore the lush greenish foliage, chilling air and also can stroll along the coastal island. The most preferred holiday destination in Kerala offers the best moments in your life to script the coupled stories.

The best island lake resort in Kerala unfolds its charm that reaches far beyond its clusters of islands. It is elegantly surrounded by the backwater of the river for which the island is referred as the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala, The accessibility is another factor to count on the lake island which makes the place more apt for many living beings. You can see lots of migrating birds, around the tall standing coconut trees and dense mangrove forest.

The cottages are well built with right proximity on each island which offers many things to entertain you with vivid view of open sky with full of stars at night, bright sunshine or rainy cloud atop during day time, you can enjoy swimming, fishing and dining, with the heritage of food and rich culture which attracts visitors around the world. The place is well-developed wetland, surrounded by lakes you will come across a lot of untouched natural places as well.

The best resorts in Kerala offer many recreational activities, such as boating, fishing, meditating, and even you can observe the local lifestyle from your place you stay. The best part of touring is houseboating where you can enjoy staying on river water on day and night, the houseboating tour is really a very leisurely trip across the lake and river for the eager guests. It is the place for the people longing for privacy and amusements. All this comes with sophisticated living with every amenities at your doorstep.

However, the place is for both seasonal and non-seasonal travellers, the climate excites every visitor on the condition to stay, the attentive staff assists inconspicuously on your call for any need. The ever dwelling peace and silence would give an experience of Mystic Island. The best resorts in Kollam located 24 Km form airport, it just takes one and half hours of travelling to reach the island resort. It is a Great Island for newly knotted couples who love to spend their time after the wedding and free from the outside world.

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