Things That Make You Love and Hate Travel

Things That Make You Love and Hate Travel

Traveling is something that you can’t deny at all. It is something that really everybody looks forward. No matter if you are traveling alone or with somebody traveling always give you joy and pleasure. On the other hand, some people have their own kind of different perspective on traveling they are not too addicted to it. They just find peace sitting at home and relaxing all the time in bed. Love and hate both about traveling  depend upon person to person. But if you are a travel lover or just hate to trave, this article is for you.

After reading this, you will get to know why people love or hate traveling. Just check out reading it whole. If we talk about why people just love traveling, its reasons are countless few examples are described below.

It Improves Mental Health

Discouragement, tension, and stress are now part of every human being. Everybody is just running to get heal, relax from all these things but fail to find answers. If you are the one seeking the best way to come out from such things then don’t think too much just pack your bags be ready and book your Aeromexico Specials flights and land into another country or place where you have not been before. And guess what you will see the change.

Helps to control weight

Another best thing about traveling is it helps to control weight. Many people, especially today’s youngsters, are looking forward to losing weight they meet the gym, follow a diet but can’t see any changes, so the best way to lose weight is to travel, the more you travel, the more you lose weight.

Helps to get in touch with yourself

Yes, it is true traveling helps to touch with yourself, if you have decided to travel alone, it boosts confidence in you, your all worries, fears vanished in the spur of the moment. Traveling just gives you a sort of inner strength that you can do anything any time no matter how lonely you are.

You keep learning

No doubt traveling gives you new learning, you come to learn about new places, their culture, customs and what not. Whenever you go out to travel to any country you choose, you come back home with a lot of unique and new leanings. So, don’t mess with any other thing sitting in the home, just give a chance to you to explore more and more and see a change in yourself.

Keep you motivated

You may not know but traveling keeps you motivated all the time to learn new things and do your stuff alone. In every part of life, traveling keeps you motivated no matter what, or challenging is your life.

Spending time with friends and family is always happy. If you don’t know or confused about how you can make your life better or want change in life just go out for traveling. And believe me, traveling gives you a different kind of pleasure that you have never experienced before.

So, above all the major reasons why people just love to travel but as I mentioned above, it depends on person to person. So, let’s get straight to the topic, here are the reasons why people hate traveling.

Grubby Toilets

As budget travelers, we have seen our share of nasty toilets; Bus stations are the most horrible, trains are close to the next.  Many restaurants and hotels can be rough too. People come to handle a lot of filth when they are out for a journey. Dirty toilets are the main reason why people don’t choose to step out for a long journey.

Issues with getting off the Bus/Train

No doubt we all love moving on to new places when we travel, but just not like getting off the bus when we land at our end. It is very tiring being busy by touts trying to get you into their taxi, to go guest house, to collect their commission.

It is disgusting to throw our packs on our backs and look for a place plus we also hate having to deal with the crowd of people that wait for us at each stop. As our destination draws earlier, the dread grows. We just hate getting off the bus or train.


This is not the end yet if we talk about why people hate traveling it hard to make a list. Well, it doesn’t matter for the people who love traveling; if they want to go they will manage somehow to travel. And for those who are not interested in traveling no matter how good options are there, they will only prefer to be in the home and spending their quality time in front of the TV, computers and with a nice cup of tea right.

It’s quite unbelievable how can anybody just hates traveling across the world. People are just dying to love across the world and explore new and different places. If you come in the category of those people who don’t love to travel please, to give yourself a chance to travel. And slowly you will also start like to travel, you can easily book your Sky cheap airline tickets if you think you are running out of budget.

So, it is all up to you whether you want to travel across the world without any fear or want to enjoy vacations at home.

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