Top 10 Magnificent Canyons in Iceland

Top 10 Magnificent Canyons in Iceland

Canyons in Iceland are not only considered as a place of beauty but also a prime centre of attraction for the tourists. Whenever you think of Iceland then there are different things which cross your mind like glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs and Canyons. But most of you are not aware of the various Canyons that are found in Iceland.

There are countless canyons present in Iceland and many are even waiting to get explored. So, what are you waiting for? Plan an Iceland self-drive tour and pay a visit at different canyons.

Canyons in IcelandLet’s have a look at the different Canyons present in Iceland

Canyons Present in South Iceland


Sigoldugljufur is also known as the “Valley of Tears” sometimes and it is situated at Southern Highlands. Several small waterfalls are running down the canyon’s walls which create a spectacular view. Most of the people who visit this place feel like they are living in a dream.

If you are exploring Landmannalaugar then you can make Sigoldugljufur as your stop. This place is new on tourist radar so there are chances of few people to be present.

Almannagja at Thingvellir National Park

This place came into existence when tectonic plates drifted apart due to the volcanic eruption several years ago. And this is the oldest canyon found in Iceland. Moreover, this place has the honour of being on the UNESCO heritage site list.

After visiting this place you might think that you have been here before. The reason behind this is the pathway of this place. It was used for the shooting of a famous series the Game of Thrones.

Gullfoss Canyon

The well-known Golden Circle has 2 beautiful canyons present which includes Gullfoss waterfall and the Almannagja canyon. And this famous Gullfoss waterfall drops down from the Hvita River which originates in Langjokull glacier.

This canyon has several viewing points and platforms for parking. And you can find many cafes and souvenir shops in this area. The best thing about this place is that it can be visited anytime in the year.


This famous place is located in Thorsmork which is also known as “The Valley of Thor”. Stakkholtsgja is surrounded by high rock walls and waterfall which is present in the bottom. If you are a nature lover then you can enjoy both the places simultaneously.

The best thing about this place is that you can visit it anytime during the year. But following some prevention measures in the winter season are very necessary. It is better to hire a guide during winters.


Fjadrargljufur is a massive Canyon which is 100 meters deep and about 2 kilometres long. And this place is located in the Southeast region of Iceland near Kirkjubaejarklaustur village. This Canyon was formed due to the erosion that took place millions of years ago.

This place was closed for the first time in April 2018. And it was considered a very wise step for protecting the vegetation and ensuring the safety of the visitors.

Canyons Present in East Iceland

Studlagil Canyon

This canyon is less popular among the tourists due to its accessibility. And there are no particular signs and trail to get down the canyon. Most of the tourists get there by using their GPS. And for reaching this place you need to drive to the farm Grund that is about 19 kilometres.

It is always advisable to be aware of your surroundings. There are steep slopes and some dangerous tracks on the way. The most interesting thing about this place is that from 1st May to 10th June every year a flock of pink-footed geese breed in the gorge. If you visit this place during this time, then avoid disturbing these birds.

Canyons Present in North Iceland

Jokulsargljufur Canyon

A few years ago this national park had its own identity but now it has merged with Vatnajokull National Park. This national park is the largest in the whole of Europe and offers various opportunities for you. At the northern part of Vatnajokull National Park, you can find Jokulsarglijufur Canyon.

There are many ways to reach this canyon. You can either do hiking or opt for various other ways. This place can be explored by visiting its waterfall Dettifoss and by admiring its natural architecture.


This place is considered among the magical places in Iceland. And it is in the shape of a big horseshoe. Asbyrgi is present deep inside a dense forest, staggering rocks and mesmerizing ponds which you can’t afford to miss.

Asbyrgi is considered as a perfect hiking trail for all those people who love hiking. Plus, this location has a certain link with Norse Mythology and you can notice around the area.

Canyons Present in West Iceland

Raudfeldsgja Gorge

Raudfeldsgja Gorge can be found in the charming village of Arnarstapi. And it is a very high, deep and narrow ravine which is found in the glacier of Snaefellsjokull. The best time to visit this place is during summers. Because during this time you can witness different plants, animals and springs.
Most of you might not be aware of the story of this place. Raudfeldsgja Gorge is mentioned in the saga called Bardar Saga Snaefellsass which was written in the 14th century.

Markartfljotsgljufur Canyon

This less-known Canyon is present to the west of Hvolsvollur. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the beauty of natural gorge present here. But you will notice a very few tourists in this place due to its location in the Icelandic highlands.

Markartfljotsgljufur Canyon is considered as the largest canyons in Iceland. It is deep with 200 m and has many rough stretches on its way. Mostly people who are more into hiking visit this place while going to Landmannalaugar to Porsmork.

So, if you want to explore these beautiful canyons then visit Iceland with your friends and family. You will make great memories during your visit.

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