Mauritius Holidays Tips

Mauritius Holidays Tips

A seducing paradise on planet, Mauritius is a wonderful fusion of European, African, and Indian influences. This island is affluent with cultural diversity, historical places and geographic disparity. Mauritius is a combination of cultures and religions, containing of Creole, Hindus, Tamils, Chinese, Muslims and Western who value each other and enjoy various ways of life with different customs and traditions. Here are the best things to do in Mauritius  to have a great stay on the island:

Best time to visit the island

You may book cheap flights to Mauritius all year round, yet if you are not a rainy person, reject January to March. The weather is warm and humid in November to April. The winter months are between May to start of November. The island is quite busy as most British and European families make use of school holidays. If you want a quieter holiday, excellent consider visiting later in the year.

Dress appropriately

Do not wear shorts, mini-skirts, blouses, and sleeveless shirts. Reject showing too much flesh. Remove your shoes while entering religious place, temples and mosques. If required, women should have a sarong to use as a headscarf.


Mauritius is a living, working and dynamic island so shopping on the island is the best experience. Throughout the island, you will find different shopping places whereby you can purchase gifts and souvenirs at low costs. A serene environment prevails during your shopping spree.


The highlights to enjoy the most of the island are snorkeling, diving, boat tours to the nearby islands and paddling activities. Horse riding, golf, hiking also include to complement to your thirst of adventure.  The hotels and your trip operator provide a big range of activities to enjoy your stay.


Foodies out there, time to celebrate. Mauritius is a plethora of different cuisine whether in hotels, restaurants, or on the road. Salads, curries, barbecues, seafood own their existence due to the influence of Chinese, Indian, Creole communities and French. Alouda, gateau piments, samousa, roti, Dholl puri are some of the food of the road. Affordable and tasty, there is everything to please ones flavor.

Traditions and customs

The culture of Mauritius contains of different communities cohabiting in mutual respect. So, as a melting pot, the island forever has a festive mode entertaining to different cultures. Respect and do join if you are curious to know about the customs and rituals.

Last but not the least, let yourself go and hold the islands attitude. Book cheap holiday packages to Mauritius and enjoy the beauty of Mauritius, and seize the chance to relax. Have a fun and best stay.

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