Advice for Expats How to Move to the Netherlands from Australia Successfully

Advice for Expats How to Move to the Netherlands from Australia Successfully

More people, millennials specifically, are choosing to leave their home countries and live as expatriates abroad. Social media has encouraged young adults to explore the world and see what other nations have to offer.

In the past, people from developing nations would move abroad to seek better job opportunities and raise their quality of life. Now, people live overseas for different reasons, and not all of them are from countries with economic challenges. For instance, plenty of Australians are moving to the Netherlands in Europe.

The two great nations have a solid history together and have forged a connection through their citizens. If you’re thinking of moving to the Netherlands from Australia, you might find some helpful information in this article.

Why More Australians are Choosing to Live in the Netherlands

There are many reasons why Australians choose to move to the Netherlands. Some of them are listed below:

1.No Language Barrier

The majority of the Dutch (if not all) are well-versed in English, so there is no language barrier to break through. As such, Australians have an easier time adjusting to their new surroundings in the country.

Even though most people in the Netherlands know how to speak and write in English, expats still need to learn a bit of Dutch. Phone calls to government offices as well as utility or other service companies are still facilitated using the country’s native language.

2.Extensive Holidays from Work

Besides how easy it is to communicate with the Dutch, Australians also like how companies in the Netherlands give generous annual leaves to their employees. Full-time employees get a minimum of four weeks’ worth of holidays in the country. There are instances, however, when companies have offered twenty-four or thirty-two days’ worth of vacations days.

3.Access to Europe

Australian expats in the Netherlands are free to travel to Europe with their generous annual leave. The country is part of the Schengen Zone along with twenty-six other nations. People who have approved work or immigration status in one of the countries are allowed to wander freely into the others within the zone.

4.Fun Social Life

Not all the fun is outside of the Netherlands. The Dutch know how to have a blast and throw a celebration, too. For instance, they have summer music festivals at parks and other public spaces.

There are also numerous cultural events to attend throughout the year. For example, museums and galleries open their doors to the public for specific occasions and charge a nominal entrance fee.

5.Low Crime Rates

The Netherlands has lower than average crime rates when compared to the United Kingdom and the United States of America, which may be why they have such a fun social life. Very few police are needed to handle big crowds at huge events like football games. The Dutch have rules for almost everything, and they aren’t afraid to tell tourists if one has been broken.

Facts about Living in the Netherlands

Before booking that flight to the Netherlands, read some facts about the Dutch below.

1.Everyone Bikes in the Netherlands

Biking is the primary form of transportation in the Netherlands because the bus and tram networks aren’t always reliable in the country. It’s common to see people riding a bike on their way to work or a party.

The Dutch have strict rules when it comes to their bikes. For instance, you can’t just leave it anywhere. There are designated areas where you can park your equipment. If you don’t follow the rules, however, the police will take your bike, and you’ll have to pay a fine to get it back.

2.The Dutch are Honest and Direct

The Dutch are very open people. They talk about taboo topics candidly in public, and they’re straightforward as well. A Dutch person will tell you if they don’t like you or have a problem with you. It makes it easier to resolve issues, but you’ll need to have a thick skin to live in the Netherlands.

3.People in the Netherlands Value Their Time

If you are meeting a Dutch person for lunch, you better be at the appointed restaurant at precisely the right time. In the Netherlands, everyone makes appointments with people, even their friends. So when you get there, be punctual.

4.Most of The Dutch Aren’t Interested in Wealth and Status

People in the Netherlands think family and their quality of life are more important than wealth and status. The Dutch don’t judge people by the jobs they hold or their economic status. They are okay with people taking extended holidays and focusing on their hobbies. For the Dutch, jobs are a necessity, but not a priority.

Moving Checklist for Expats

1.Prepare Essential Documents

You’ll need the documents below if you’re planning on living in the Netherlands for an extended amount of time. Don’t forget to make a copy of each one before you leave.

  • Passport
  • Visa (i.e., employment visa or study visa)
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license or other IDs

2.Hire Professional Removalists

Dutch apartments are usually unfurnished. They are empty, and it is up to the new renter to fill it with appliances and furniture. If you plan on bringing some items from home, search for international removalists in Australia to help you get this done efficiently.

3.Disconnect Utilities and Other Services

Unless you plan on traveling between Australia and the Netherlands often, disconnect your utilities and other services (like contracts with phone networks) before you leave.

4.Find Temporary Accommodation in the Netherlands

Once you have settled everything back home, search for a temporary place to stay in the Netherlands. It can be hard to find a permanent apartment because the cities are densely populated. However, there are usually share houses that have available space.

5.Have a Goodbye Party

Saying goodbye to family and close friends is vital when you are going abroad. Give them your contact information before you leave, and cherish your last moments with them (at least until you either come back or they visit you).

Take the Leap

The expat life isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Choose to live in a country that intrigues you and will contribute to your growth as a person. The Netherlands may just be the place that can do that for you.


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