Myths of Trekking and Hiking You Must Know

Myths of Trekking and Hiking You Must Know

Trekking is an activity with immense possibilities of overall growth for a person. It takes you to places that are calendar picture worthy. It makes you be friends with people who come from all walks of life. It takes you on a learning journey of different types of cultures and their sources of richness. And most of all, it gives you an opportunity to add to the harmonious existence with people and humans who belong to places that you do not come from.

The Himalayas offer some of the best trails and destinations for trekking. Most of the Himalayas are hosted by Nepal, which is a Himalayan country. Trekking tours in Nepal are so serene that one might not want to go back to where they came from. The hospitality and the belongingness that you feel there are out of the world and people who have trekked to this country will know of the precious world that awaits them every time they visit Nepal. One of the most famous treks is the trekking in the Everest base camp.

The second country that hosts most of the Himalayas is India. A country of spirituality and variety, in India, lies some of the best trekking trails in the entire world, also some of the hardest trails. Trekking tours in India take you on the most adventurous and thrilling journeys that one must not miss.

Many first time trekkers are apprehensive about the idea of walking for miles into the wilderness with nothing, but their best survival instincts to guide them through the journey.

Travelling is inherent to human nature. From the times that we came into being, humans have travelled far and long; from one place to the other, to find a place that they felt a belongingness to. After a while this intense travelling stopped and then came the dawn of civilization. With this dawn a lot of human freedom was gone, the freedom to travel, the freedom to choose a home that they finally felt belongingness to, the freedom to create a desired way of living and the freedom to explore.

After that time, exploration was done only by the wealthy, the people who had the resources to explore. Exploration gave birth to conquering and then came in the idea of countries, and faiths and religions and appropriations. Now the raw human nature has been much too civilized to understand the importance of travelling.

The only form of travelling one can find a connection to, with that ancient form of travel is trekking. This is where you tread into unknown lands that are inhabited by different kinds of people who feel the belongingness to that place. And hence trekking came into being as an activity.

For people who are new to trekking here are a few myths about trekking that you must be aware of beforehand:

You must be really fit to be a trekker:

Anyone can trek, you need not be super fit to trek. Trekking is a journey that will lead you to another journey of wanting to be fit. For people who are not very fit, remember that you can take slow and steady steps as well that will not tire you and you will reach your destination anyhow. What you must have, is an open mind that believes in numerous possibilities.

Trekking is an activity for the young

The truth is; trekking is an activity for any human who still has a mind for it. The body will follow. If you are one of those who are not in your 20s and don’t feel of age to perform an activity of trekking, then you are thinking the wrong way my friend. If you can imagine the glory of beholding a picturesque vision no matter what your age is, you are still good to achieve it! Go out there and trust your vision!

Trekking is a very difficult activity

Well yes, trekking is a very difficult activity if you are presumptuous and find it hard to live in the present! The key to a good trek is to concentrate on one step at a time and to keep the pace steady, not fast, not slow, but steady!

Trekking is incomplete without a camp

Trekking takes you to new places new beds and the last resort should be a camp. It’s okay if you did not camp! It’s just that camping is a fun activity for trekkers and first time trekkers; it is not an essential must-do if you think so.

You require a lot of gadgets and gears in their latest version for a trek

Yes you do need gears for trekking. But not all trails require gadgets and gears to make it look like a trek. Most trekking trails can be done on one bag pack and your own two feet alone. The truth is, only the most critical trails like trekking in the Everest base camp require certain complicated gadgets to assist in the trail.

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