How to Get to Norwich Airport, England?

How to Get to Norwich Airport, England?

If you’re wondering about reaching Norwich airport in Norwich in the most convenient way possible, then we will help you decide the best airport transfer to get to Norway Airport with step-by-step directions.

Whether you’re planning a weekend holiday, a last-minute escape, or take a break from your busy life, Norwich is a great place to hang out. Situated at a distance of 129 miles from England, you can easily reach Norwich via flight just in a few hours. But, for most travellers, the problems occur after reaching the airport as the city is located 2.5 miles away from the airport. Thus, making it difficult for visitors to reach the city conveniently.

Norwich Airport

Though there are multiple airport transfers available at Norwich airport, deciding the right one for you is a bit tricky. For example, you can travel to/from Norwich airport via bus, train or Norwich Airport taxi.

The National Express East Anglia rail service offers trains from Norwich to London Liverpool Street. However, there are no trains from Norwich Airport to Norwich city because the distance is only 3.4 miles. But, covering 3.4 miles by barefoot is also not a wise decision.

Therefore, there are bus services from the airport. Buses are the cheapest option to travel to Norwich from the airport; it will cost you around 4-5 euros only. Also, there is a direct bus that departs from Hellesdon, Airport Park & Ride that arrive at Norwich City Centre, Castle Meadow. It leaves from the airport every 15 minutes and runs every day.

But, as you see, you’ll have to catch the bus from the Hellesdon, which is at a walking distance from Norwich airport. Also, travelling from the bus is not always a comfortable option for everyone, especially if you’re travelling with your family.

So, what is the ideal airport transfer from Norwich airport?

We believe Norwich Airport taxi is the best-suited airport transfer for those who want a convenient ride to their destination. Also, a cab won’t drop you in the midway; it will drop you at your exact location with your luggage. The best benefit of booking a taxi is that the driver will be available at the airport before your arrival if you book in advance. And if you book Norwich Airport taxi from Jewels Airport transfers, then you can even avail discount on taxi fares.

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