Pittsburgh – A City Built With Rivers and Bituminous Coal

Pittsburgh – A City Built With Rivers and Bituminous Coal

How much do you know about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? You might associate this city with one of two things: sports or steel. Favorite sports teams such as the Steelers and Penguins (hockey) call Pittsburgh their hometown, and steel manufacturing has a long history, so there is no doubt that these are the two things most relevant to the city.

But Pittsburgh is not just limited to sports and steel. Pittsburgh has become a leading name in technologies such as self-driving cars, robotics, and medical advancements in recent years. The combination of history and modern technology makes Pittsburgh a fantastic place to visit and a fascinating city. Pittsburgh, and those who call the city of steel home, have made considerable achievements in its long history.

Read on to learn some interesting facts about the “Steel City” that you may not know!

1. Pittsburgh is the “City of Bridges” 

It doesn’t matter you, Believe it or not, Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice! The city has more than 445 bridges, many of which span the three major rivers (Allegheny, Ohio,  and Monongahela) that meet in downtown Pittsburgh.

2. The first Ferris wheel

The first Ferris wheel was born in this city. It was invented by George W. Ferris, a native of Pittsburgh, which is also the reason behind the Ferris wheel’s name.

3. Pittsburgh is home to public television.

In 1954, WQED became the first community-sponsored educational television station in the United States. One of its most beloved shows-Mr. Rogers’ neighbor-is located near Pittsburgh in Oakland. Famous Fred Rogers himself called this area his home.

4. So many public stairs

People in the city can wander around comfortably. You will find public stairs on almost all main streets and corners of this place. There are more than 700 public staircases in downtown Pittsburgh. The steps inspector maintains them.

5. Klondike chocolate bars and other famous delicacies

Sam Isaly invented the Klondike Bar in 1929. Pittsburgh knows, and The Deli in Isaly is famous for its sliced ham and barbecue sauce.

6. The city gave the smiley emoji to the world.

Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, created the smiley emoji in 1980.

7. Pittsburgh also has hills.

Move to San Francisco. If you want to train on steep terrain, cyclists in the Midwest should look farther than Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is made up of hills, rivers, and valleys, opening up some interesting (and extremely hilly) roads. Visit Pittsburgh at least once by making Spirit Airlines Reservations and To properly appreciate these hills, be sure to follow the Duquesne Hill ramp up Mount Washington. The view from the top is excellent!

8. Celebrities call Pittsburgh home.

Many celebrities have connections with Pittsburgh, from Michael Keaton to Gene Kelly and also Christina Aguilera. Of course, we must not forget Andy Warhol, the most famous artist in Pittsburgh. In addition to the Carnegie Museum, the Andy Warhol Museum is also one of the city’s best museums.

9. Pittsburgh has top-notch food places.

Pittsburgh food fame started from here, any type of food we all know and love. Like a Klondike bar. And Heinz ketchup. There is even a Big Mac (“invented” near Pittsburgh in 1967). You must head to the Strip District of Primanti Brothers-where you will find some of the giant sandwiches topped with coleslaw and fries.

10. Polio vaccine

Pittsburgh was the first to invent a polio vaccine. Dr. Jonas Salk of the city developed it in 1950. We all know that this vaccine has helped many people prevent the occurrence of this disease, and in some countries, polio has wholly disappeared. Thanks to this vaccine produced in Pittsburgh.

11. Pittsburgh may be the next Hollywood.

 Okay, maybe not. But in recent years, the city has appeared in many blockbuster films, the most famous of which may be “The Dark Knight Rises.” Considering that Nickelodeon, the world’s first cinema, was opened in Pittsburgh in 1905, this is an appropriate suggestion.

Pittsburgh may not be New York or Las Vegas; Miami or San Francisco. But this does not mean it is not worth your weekend. Spirit Airlines Reservations offers you an exciting and comfortable trip to Pittsburgh at a very reasonable price. If you ask, yes, Pittsburgh is one of the most underrated cities in the United States. But I hope these exciting facts may have convinced you to consider a visit, at least!

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