Places to cover in the Great Ocean Road 2 Day Tour

Places to cover in the Great Ocean Road 2 Day Tour

You’d be surprised at the number of iconic sceneries the Great Ocean Road holds. If you ever do visit the Great Ocean Road in Australia, the following are the top 8 most-visited tourists in the area. Do not forget to click pictures in these picturesque spots. Keep your phone charged and your power banks handy. Get ready for your Great Ocean Road 2 day tour and do not miss these spots!

Erskine Falls

You’d be surprised with the incredible range of scenery the Great Ocean Road holds. The areas surrounding the Great Ocean Road are full of waterfalls, forests, and national parks. One of the most spectacular waterfalls is the Erskine Falls, a 30-meter waterfall that converges into a deep gully. The walk to the waterfalls’ base is quite steep but not long.

Hopetoun Falls

You’d be amazed at the number of waterfalls they have in the area. The walk is steep but smooth, with the provision of wooden steps for the steepest of parts. At the bottom, you’d be able to look up and admire the three jets that form the waterfall.

Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are large limestone formations, probably one of the most iconic sights on the Great Ocean Road. Its located just off the shore of Port Campbell National Park and is mainly known for its sunset spot. It receives a large number of tourist visits annually. Do not miss the sunset at the Twelve Apostles, and it is quite picturesque. A must-see spot for your Great Ocean Road 2 day tour.

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is one of the most significant place of the Great Ocean Road, full of pubs and restaurants. The restaurants and pubs in the area would always be full of backpackers and road trippers. The town is not that big, but it’s easy to find a decent place for dinner and drinks on the one main road of bars and restaurants.

Gibson Steps

I’m a beach person, are you? There are 86 steps that descend from the cliffside to the beach. The steps are steep and narrow but not tough while descending, but it’s a whole different ball-game while moving upwards. The location is quite picturesque and makes up for a nice walk on the beach.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is a short 5-minute drive from the Gibson Steps, along the sea. There are multiple wooden walkways in the Loch Ard Gorge that take you to different spots along the coast. All these spots result in a different angle of view of the cliffs. All these big cliffs can you make feel small.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach is a world-famous surfing spot on the Great Ocean Road, few miles from Torquay. Each year, the Bells Beach hosts and witness a surfing competition called the Rip Curl Pro. You can walk on the wooden walkways along the cliffs and admire the picturesque beauty of the beach, making it a lovely spot for a walk.

The Great Ocean Road Sign

Aren’t you all Instagram-savvy? Wouldn’t you want to post a picture with that iconic big sign pointing to your location? Weirdly enough, you’d be surprised to know that the Great Ocean Road Sign is not at the start of the road but somewhere deep into it.

Don’t miss out on the sign; make it a top priority of your Great Ocean Road 2 day tour.

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