Plan A Day Trip In Jaipur
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Plan A Day Trip In Jaipur

Plan A Day Trip In Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. best taxi service in jaipur It is a prominent destination for tourists and is known for its magnificent fort, fantastic monuments, beautiful gardens and wonderful tourist spots. The best time to visit Jaipur is between November to March or April to June. The climate in Jaipur is semi-tropical. The weather remains pleasant all round the year. The only thing that affects the weather in Jaipur during winter is the monsoon which ends in a wet and snowy season.

Jaipur is a green city. The capital is an amazing blend of green trees, gardens, parks, flower gardens and manicured lawns. The residents are very eco-friendly and use organic gardening materials. Jaipur has some of the finest fruit patches in the country. The markets are flooded with fresh fruit and vegetables from all over India and abroad.
One of the most popular modes of transport in Jaipur is the taxis. Taxis in Jaipur are affordable and one can easily hire one from the right pick up point and reach the desired destination. Public transportation like buses, autos and rickshaws are available but they can take much longer than a taxi ride. Most of the vehicles in these public transports are not very old and they do not have good running conditions. Therefore it is advisable to hail a taxi on the first try and if the vehicle becomes faulty later on.

To reduce the number of cars on the road and to make travel faster there are two transport operators in Jaipur; the All Indian Taxi operators and the Hotels One. Tourists can easily get in touch with them online and book a taxi from their site. There is a tie up between these operators so that tourists get a reasonable price for the trip. In fact, a typical weekend trip with a group of friends usually consists of more than 4 vehicles and the cost comes down significantly when it is made possible by these two great travel operators.

It has been seen that most tourists in Jaipur use a hired car for the duration of their trip. It is much more economical and does not require a lot of research to find one. A hired car is available at the right pick up point along with all necessary facilities like Internet connectivity, Wifi, CD player etc. The cost is much lower than the cost of traveling by a private vehicle and is considerably less when compared to the prices that one pays while parking in a hotel. This makes it an attractive option especially for groups.

The best part about travelling by a hired car is that one can travel as many times as required without wasting any time. Traveling by foot is not advisable in this case because walking here and there can be quite harmful to one’s health. There are many attractions to see in Jaipur including the Pink City, the Jantar Mantar Observatory, the Birla Temple, etc. Hence, travelling by foot is not the preferred choice.

For a truly cultural experience, visiting the Amber Fort and the City Palace will be a must on one’s trip. All the cultural heritage of Jaipur is well represented in these buildings and one can have a glimpse of the Rajput culture in its many aspects. Jaipur is the ideal place to visit during a Rajasthan tour because it has a lot to offer to the visitors.
One should keep in mind before traveling to Jaipur that one should not make the trip in a haste. Traveling in Jaipur can be made simple and one can get around without much effort if one follows proper routes. Jaipur needs a lot of planning and research in order to ensure that one gets to experience the city to the fullest. There are many things to do in Jaipur; so, one should plan the trip accordingly. Planning a Jaipur trip is all one needs to do to get a wonderful experience in this beautiful state.

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