Some good Advice for Umrah Packages

Some good Advice for Umrah Packages

Over the past few years, I know that many agents read these posts and try to sneak a cheeky comment and promote their Umrah packages. This doesn’t work for them since they go straight to the delete inbox! So today I decided to check out the price of packages VS the Do-It-Yourself Umrah method. I wanted to put it to the test purely on a saving money aspect since I always advocate here that your money should work harder for you rather than line the pockets of others.

Again this is purely for the purpose of helping you decide which is best for you, it is not for the purpose of advocating to stop going to the agents. But I honestly prefer doing my own Umrah for so many reasons like these here. I decided to pick an agent who I know follows the blog closely to see the price difference of pricing this on my own using just the good old internet. Now bear in mind that agents have better price deals with hotels so they can actually have bigger profits than mentioned below.

Few things to keep in mind:

  1. This is an average price for a budget and luxury package
  2. The package only includes hotels, flights, and visas
  3. It is ATOL protected, no matter what your airline and hotels even when booked online offer the same protection, agents love to use ATOL protection to give extra credibility
  4. No transport included
  5. In the end, I will price a well-balanced package and share some of my money-saving Umrah tips that can help you bring the price down, after all, I want to make your money work harder for you
  6. Finally, the decision which is best for you and your family is only yours
  7. Now, if you are a family or three people together the saving is even more because of the price saving per person.
  8. As you can see the prices vary greatly based on the star options and how comfortable you want your Umrah to be.
  9. Agents also get a bigger commission as they can negotiate better prices than we can, so the profit they make is greater.

Many people chose to go for their first time on Umrah with an agent which is totally normal and understandable as you get to feel more comfortable going on your own the second and third time. So one should be clear in his mind and try to fix the things for next time while taking the option of Umrah services. There is no hard and fast rule to get an Umrah visa because it is very simple like you are going to travel abroad on a visit visa. Yes, it is not that similar but the option and structure are quite similar to that. Here the point that is most important is to choose the exact and true agents that are working from so long in this market.

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