South India Tour Packages from Bangalore – A Journey to the Old Era of Culture and Magnificence

South India Tour Packages from Bangalore – A Journey to the Old Era of Culture and Magnificence

With enthralling magnificence of culture and nature of South India attractions the attention of all travel lovers from each and every corner of the world. South India tour packages from Bangalore carries real beautiful landscapes for all people who too love of the beauty of nature, culture, and wildlife.

So, you are scheduling to have a relaxing and delightful holiday then South India tour packages will undoubtedly alleviate your views. This tour package has an enchanting charm with all that you have fantasized for your dream holiday to India.

The Varieties of Sightseeing in South India Tour Packages are –


Cover up Kerala in the best South India tour packages from Bangalore is a most important job. It is in the fact most demanded sightseeing destination of South India. Generally, it is called God’s Own Country. Kerala is the hub of nature and rich flora and fauna. It is the land of pleasing green and peaceful scenery. The peaceful lakes and rivers of Kerala are also included in the list of famous destinations where one feels the impendence of evergreen nature. This state also has various unique constructions of amazing forts and temples. It also has a cultural richness and traditional, which pull the attention of all travelers come to this place.

Tamil Nadu

The next state to visit then Kerala is the naturally rich and historically royal namely Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the land of temples. This state is a blessed for all regions. Viewing on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal, the state has wide varieties of natural flora and fauna. People who want to treasure the magnificence and beauty of old yet temples and historically rich monuments, there is nothing enhanced than scheduling a South India tour trip to Tamil Nadu. Tour to the state also let you delight and relish the delicious cuisines, such as Idli, Sambar, Rasam, and Dosa.


This state of South India is also known as the land of fragrance. The Karnataka state takes you to pre-significant eras as it carries a really rich tradition and heritage. The various types of ancient music, antique dance, and prehistoric drama are the origin of entertainment and attraction for all tourists. Many famous holiday destinations here you must go Mysore Palace, Jog Falls and the beaches of Karwar and Malpe. Here must try the delightful food.

With so ample to discover and fall in the love in South India destinations, you definitely can’t take a chance of scheduling. So, choose to go through a complete South India tour packages from Bangalore advisor as he will advise you the top and most suitable packages to South India, with your pick up and drop up facilities to all major destinations of South India.

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