Spectacular Places on the Planet that Seem to be Otherworldly

Spectacular Places on the Planet that Seem to be Otherworldly

Some places do not seem to belong to the earth at all. All of these places listed below are sure to take away your breath.

Who doesn’t want to experience the beauty we can’t imagine to exist on this planet? Well, it turns out that you may not have to look too far away. Our planet is full of surreal landscapes that will make you feel that you are not far from the earth. The earth is beautiful, there is no denying it. But it reaches another level when you feel like you are on some other planet even when you’re only on the Earth. From crystal-filled caves to salty red rivers, these stunningly beautiful places will make you think you have left the earth’s atmosphere…or the entire solar system.

Places that feel like they popped out from other Planet

Nevada fly Geyser 

This scenic spectacle is also called “Flying Ranch Geyser”. When you look at it, you may ask yourself which planet it comes from. Well, to be precise, it comes from Dear Earth in Wausau County, Nevada. The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that it happened accidentally during drilling in the 1960s, because prospectors were looking for geothermal energy. They were shocked seeing the dissolved minerals start to rise from it. Since then, the water level has never stopped rising, and the geyser releases water into about 40 pools. The color of the geyser is said to be due to the accumulation of thermophilic algae over time.

Mexico Crystal Cave

Will the center of another planet resemble this extraordinary cave in Mexico? Drilling nearly 1,000 feet underground in the Naica mine revealed a clear Cristales cave of Giant crystals in Mexico. The Giant crystal cave was discovered by Sanchez brothers Pedro and Juan while drilling in the mine in April 2000. As of October 2015, the mine has been refilled with water and the cave is again filled with mineral-rich water needed for crystal growth. Dig deep down Mexico City with Volaris Airline Ticket and enjoy an amazing creation.

Tanzania Natron lake

Looking at the image of Lake Nattern, you can’t help wondering where the eye-catching red on earth comes from, because no other lake looks like this. The alkaline water in the lake is caused by minerals flowing into the lake from the hills surrounding the lake, and its pH is as high as 10.5 (if you want to know, yes, that is quite high). This water is toxic for animals that are not adapted to it. Nick Brandt displayed through his photographs how deadly this lake is in his book “Through the Destroyed Land”, which allowed him to capture images of flamingos and other animals that never go around. And these images have never touched this lake.

New Zealand’s Glowworm caves

The most magical place till now on the planet. If you plan to travel to New Zealand in the near future, head to Waitomo Glowworm Caves. These caves attract many tourists, and you will not be disappointed if you book your trip. As the name suggests, the cave is full of glowing worms. Together with other visitors, you will be able to enjoy a unique boat trip. As you meander along the river, you will be fascinated by the thousands of glowing fireflies in the cave, which light up the road

Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming

The striking prismatic Colors of this spring are surely mesmerizing. These springs are said to be one of the largest hot springs in the entire United States. Located in Wyoming this hot spring was first discovered in the 19th century. The colors of Grand Prismatic Spring are enchanting because mineral-rich microbial mats surround the water edges. These surrounding mats result in prismatic striking color that can be seen with bare eyes, the whole sight is overwhelming and seems like a scenery from another planet.

Baikal Lake Emerald Ice in Russia

The list of overwhelming places around the world can be captivating. Whenever we think of something extraordinary we can never exclude Russia from it. Like Russian people, the attractions in Russia are also eye-catching. Baikal lake in Russia is such an example for the saying, having clearest waters in the whole world this place is something which can not be found in any other part of the world. These ice lake waters look like Emerald and simply a fascinating site to the eyes.

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