Surpura Dam Jodhpur

Surpura Dam Jodhpur

According to the project report, Surpura Dam would serve as a storage reservoir for supplying the need for drinking water to  Jodhpur, which is the second-largest city in Rajasthan by 2029 as per the project report. It is situated close to Surpura village, which is home to both the district and sub-district headquarters, and is about 18 kilometers from Jodhpur city.

The Surpura Dam project was begun in 2013 after the then-Congress government obtained a loan of Rs. 630 crores from the French development organization, L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD), for the project’s 750 crore cost. As the scope of the enormous Reorganized Jodhpur Water Supply Project included installing new and repairing existing water pipes, building new water pumping stations and reservoirs, in addition to filtration plants, it provided numerous chances for the private sector.

Sun City’s water supply has been improved as a result of this ambitious project, opening the door for the implementation of a 24-hour supply system. This project makes it easier to supply Jodhpur, which lies next to the vast Thar desert, with high-quality drinking water and helps to address the ongoing issue of water scarcity.

According to the agreement with AFD, the organization gave a soft loan of Rs 440 crore for the first phase of the water delivery project, which had a total cost of Rs 550 crore. The principal amount was agreed to be repaid in a period of 15 years following the execution term of five years, and the loan was approved at a floating interest rate of “6-monthly Euribor” flat, which is presently 1.425% each year. AFD also granted preliminary permission for a loan of Rs 190 crore for the project’s second phase.

For the Jodhpur city neighborhoods of Mahamandir, Mandor, and Paota—which formerly had a severe drinking water shortage—the Surpura project provides a reliable water supply. The facility also provides a steady supply of drinking water to the residential colonies along Nagaur Road, Jaipur Road, and Pali Road.

The Surpura Dam Project

The project involved installing a 66-kilometer new pipeline and renovating 40 kilometers of outdated water pipes. A 30 Km long pipeline connects the Surpura dam’s diggi, which has a 21 crore cubic feet capacity, to the Rajiv Gandhi lift canal. One clean water reservoir with a capacity of 17.5 lakh liters was built in Lalsagar, while two pumping stations and clean water reservoirs with a combined capacity of 80 lakh liters each were built as part of the project at Surpura and Takhat Sagar. In Surpura and Takhat Sagar, two filter plants with respective capacities of 9 crores and 6 crore liters were also built.

Recent Information from Surpura Dam

However, as the land mafia expanded and prospered in the area over the past several years, there have been numerous reports of water misuse and waste close to the Surpura Dam site. Even after significant rainfall in the Mandore region and the Daijar mountainous area, reports indicate that illegal building and resource manipulation for private gain has prevented rainwater from reaching the dam.

Under the noses of the government, the land mafia had even established illegitimate communities and obstructed the flow and supply of water. The illegal aspects can be eliminated with some severe action from the authorities, allowing the extravagant project to fully fulfill the needs of the populace.

One of the most beautiful panoramic views in the magnificent Jodhpur conurbation may be found next to Surpura Dam. This is one of the best spots to be whether you want to spend some time alone or with a friend. This location has turned into a haven for photographers. This location is becoming increasingly popular for pre-wedding photo sessions and selfies.

The spectacular sunrise and sunset that take place on the mountain across from the town’s main attraction will be the most captivating sight for tourists. Clearly, this location is among the best that the magnificent city of Jodhpur has to offer those looking to unwind and spend some quiet time in a beautiful natural setting.

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