The Best-Escorted Train Tours for Seniors

The Best-Escorted Train Tours for Seniors

You’ve put the kids through school, they’ve finished uni, they work full time and they’ve finally moved out. While that generation starts to plan its future, it’s time to get back to planning yours.

Now is the time to take that trip to Paris you’ve dreamed about since you were fifteen. Forget staying in cheap hostels, sleeping next to a bunch of British backpackers who stumble in at 3am every night and having to wear your thongs in the shower.  You’ve outgrown that budgeting lifestyle, it’s time to travel with Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventures.

Railway Adventures organizes exceptional Holidays for seniors in Australia by rail to give them a chance to explore their bucket list destinations. Our tours are best suited for seniors because they offer a bespoke, hassle free, immersive and holistic experience of the world all from the comfort of a luxury train.

Some of our best-escorted Train Tours Australia for seniors include:

Spending 14 day on the magnificent Ghan exploring Uluru and Kata Tjuta, cruising Katherine George and touring Kakadu. The Ghan is perhaps the most famous train in Australia, taking you from top to bottom straight through the heart of this great nation. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in this spectacular country, its extraordinary wildlife and its iconic landmarks.

Ever wanted to visit Scotland? Its breathtaking fjords and historic castles have it sitting at the top of our bucket list. On this 16 day tour you will travel on the Cairngorm Mountain Railway, Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway and the historic Strathspey Railway. Just don’t hold your breath waiting to see the loch ness.

Maybe you’d prefer a 13 day tour to Borneo with the opportunity to attend the special Anzac Day dawn ceremony in Sandakan. On this expertly organised tour you will visit the historic island of Labuan and discover the unique wildlife at the Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort.

Railway Adventures strives to make each and every tour unique and unforgettable. Small group tours for seniors by rail are the best way to interact with fellow travellers and explore the eye-catching sceneries through the comfort of your window! All while getting to meet new, like-minded people.

Visit our website to find out about other tours for seniors that we offer. Don’t let your age restrict you from going on an unforgettable holiday experience, after all age is just a number.

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