A Religious Affair: The Temples Of South India

A Religious Affair: The Temples Of South India

South India is often regarded as a great place for pilgrimage, as it is brimming with colourful temples that are stunning in every way. The temples of South India have also been known for their architectural marvels, religious relevance and for the history that is attached to each of these temples. At least once in your life, you must embark temple tour in your South Indian tour package. Many South India tour packages will show you the best of the South Indian temples in all of their glories and pride.

Here are some of the best town in South India to witness the grandeur of the South Indian temples:


On your South Indian tour package, your first temple tour should start from Chennai. This glorious city is not only a bustling metropolitan, with swanky malls and lively night clubs, but is also filled with artefacts of the past. Chennai is especially famous for its Dravidian style temples, like the Mylapore temple. After spending an entire day looking through the gorgeous temples of Chennai, unwind a the iconic Marina Beach or watch some traditional folk dances at Kalakshetra.


On your South Indian tour package, your next stop will be at the holy city of Tirupathi. This little town is a highly sacred place, and you will find it crowded with staunch devotees and pilgrims. One of the most famous temples here the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, located at the top of Tirumala hills. The view from this temple is gorgeous, and it is also one of the oldest temples in India.

Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram

After a holy sojourn at Tirupathi, make your way to the religious cities of Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. These two cities can easily be done on the same day.

Kanchipuram is also located in Tamil Nadu and was once the capital of the Pallavas. You will still find a lot of lost stories and interning anecdotes of the Pallavas at Kanchipuram. The famous temples are Temples of Ekambaswara, Kailasanatha, Sri Kamakshi and Varadarajaswamy. All of these temples are quintessentially South Indian, and you can witness the gorgeous South Indian architecture.

Mahabalipuram is known for its pagodas and its famous rock-cut temples. These temples were made from a single rock, which will surely make you gasp. The temples are decided to Lord Shiva and some of them to Lord Vishnu. The architecture of the cave temples is worth witnessing.


Your next stop on your South Indian tour package should be at Tiruvannamalai. A famous pilgrimage site, Tiruvannamalai is devoted to Lord Shiva. Witness the grand temples, and feel the religious vibe that reverberates inside the temple. After a quick visit to this town, you can detour off to Pondicherry, to see a different side on your South India Tour.


Next day head off to the city of temples. The town of Chidambaram is brimming with ravishing temples and colourful shrines which will keep you occupied throughout the day. Each of the temples is different from one another, and you will feel a sense of warmth and love in each one. Make sure to visit the huge Nataraja Temple.

You can also visit the famous Brihadeswara temple Tanjore if you have the time.


Next day, continue your South Indian temple tour and make your way to the little temple town of Trichy. This scenic city it’s one of the top pilgrimage destinations. While in Trichy, visit the Ranganath Temple, Srirangam and the Jambukeshwar Temple.


Your South India package tour will be incomplete if you do not visit the ancient city of Madurai. Located by the banks of river Vaigai, this serene city is famous for its iconic and regal Meenakshi Temple. This temple is a delightful sight. You can also visit places like King Tirumala’s Palace, Great tank and the Gandhi museum to wrap up your Madurai sightseeing.


Part of the Char Dham Yatra, and one of the holiest places for Hindus, Rameshwaram is also part of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. According to mythology, Lord Rama performed a puja of a Sand Lingam erected by Sita right at this spot.

The Rameshwaram is an important site to visit on your South Indian temple tour. The temple is stunning, and you will be able to see the Dravidian architectural style in all its marvel. It is quite something to be standing in front of this towering, and colourful temple.

After finishing off your temple tour head back home and relish all the wondrous memories that your South Indian tour package has gifted you with. Be rest assured, the temples of South India will be etched in your memories forever, and you might just keep going back to witness the grandeur of these temples once again.

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