Tibet Tour – Some Basic Information

Tibet Tour – Some Basic Information

Tibet Tour

Are you in love with travelling? Searching for your next destination to a land of mystery and nature? Then you must think about the Tibet Travel. It will be a wonderful experience for you. It is under the China government. Before you make your plans, collect some information about Tibet that might be important:

A group trip is the best option for Tibet tour.

You need a travel permit before you go to Tibet. This permit is arranged by an authentic and registered travel agency. The permit is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau and consists of the group number for the tour and the date, the tour plans and the operator that arranges the tour

You will need a guide for Tibet exploration. You can hire a private car and driver. You will find it to be beneficial for the tour as you will be able to go anywhere and enjoy the trip immensely.

Best time for a visit

You can go to Tibet at any time of the year. The weather in Tibet is very pleasant and comfortable. In late February or early March – during the Lasar festival, foreign tourists are not allowed. Otherwise, you can go at any time. Tibet is an attractive place with a lot of monasteries and gorgeous natural views.

  • Summer season is one of the busiest times for Tibet Travel. Summertime is mainly June to August. It is a preferable time for a visit because you can do trekking in the Himalayas. This is a heavenly experience for the travellers. This time you will get a nice view of the Mt. Everest and some exotic scenery.

  • From September to October, the rainy season ends in Tibet. This is a very pleasant season. If you want to avoid the rain you need to go in between September and October. In this time you can also go for trekking to Mt. Kailash.

  • The winter season starts from November and lasts till March. At this time you will get snowfalls. If you are eager to see the majestic mountains and the religious practices in the monasteries at the end of the year, then this is the best time for you. But sometimes roads remain closed during the heavy snowfalls.

  • In between April and May, the spring steps in. This time is good for enjoying the nature of Tibet. If you are a nature lover then you can visit Tibet at this time.

Some places of Tibet you need to visit –

1. Lhasa – Potala Palace is the center of attraction. This old palace is very popular worldwide. You can get the taste of Royal people and their ways of day to day living.

2. Lhasa monastery is also a great place to visit in Tibet. This is known as the Sera monastery. This is popular as a spiritual place.

3. Namtso Lake is known as ‘Heaven Lake’. This is popular for its natural beauty. This is the second largest lake in China.

The land of Tibet shows its variety of faces to the visitors in different ways. The mountaineers find it exhilarating and the religious minded people find the monasteries to be epitome of peace. The ones who love to see nature at its various form – chooses different seasons as per their mood.

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