Tips for Maintaining Your Tent

Tips for Maintaining Your Tent

When you go for camping, tent is a very essential equipment. Tent is a very wonderful way to explore outdoors and the nature.

Tents are usually costly. Even the best tents also get damage if it is not taken care of properly.

If you maintain your tent properly, it will last for long time. In the following article, I will give you some tips for maintaining your tent properly.

Maintaining your tent

Like the other camping equipment, your tent also need some attention to last longer. Here are some tips for maintaining your tent:


Mind the sun

Often we set our tent directly under the sun. The sun rays contain dangerous UV rays which can damage the fabric of the tent.

So, try to set your tent under the shade of a tree. Don’t hang your tent for a long time in a row under the sun.

You can use spray on your tent to prevent it from damaging. Those spray work just like sunscreen cream on your skin.

Watch out for dogs

Your pets can do most of the damages to your tent. Your dogs’ sharp nails can tear your tent fabrics. So, be careful about your dog and other pet animals from damaging your tent.

 Pitch your tent far from fire

Campfire is a must do entertainment in camping. Make sure you pitch your tent far from the campfire. Hot ashes and embers can fly in air and set your tent in fire.

When you are going somewhere leaving your tent empty, put some weight on your tent so that it doesn’t fly in strong wind.

Wipe down zippers

The most common problems we face in our tent is the zip problems. Most of the time dust and dirt gathers on the zip and cause the problem.

So, clean the zipper and wipe them with wet cloths after coming from every trip.

You can also give lubricants on your zipper to make it smoother.

So, we can say, taking care of tent zip is very important. Otherwise you may face troubles while you are on a trip.

Take enough time for drying your tent

Sometimes you get your tent out from your closet after some months and find it wet. That happen because you didn’t let the tent dry properly.

Dry the tent properly before you store them inside. You can dry it in your yard or in the park. Flip the tent to dry both of the sides.

So, dry your tent properly otherwise fungus can attack your tent fabrics and damage it.

Waterproof spray

Most of the tents are waterproof. But some are not. You can spray water resistant material on your tent to make it waterproof.

If there is any hole or leakage on your tent, this spray can repair that damage. Waterproof sprays will also protect your tent fabric from damaging by water.

Act quickly on fabric tears

If you find a small tear in your tent fabric, don’t waste time and repair it soon. A big damage can occur from that small tear.

Tent maintenance kit

When you are on a trip or camp, it is impossible to find a repair shop near you if anything happens to your tent.

You can keep a tent maintenance kit with you rather than cancelling the trip. You can repair some damages by your own with this kit.

This tent maintenance kit has needle, thread, washcloth, wash material etc.

So, keep this kit with you when you are out for a camping to repair and clean your tent.


Tent is your temporary home at the time of camping. Like the real home, tent also needs maintenance. Maintaining your tent will maximize the tent life and will help you to save some money. So, take proper care of your tent to keep it in a better condition for a long time.

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