Top 12 Things to Do in Orlando

Top 12 Things to Do in Orlando

Although Florida is associated with the presence of Disney World, there are other worthy vacation spots that people seem to be missing out on in Florida. Being home to the world’s famous theme parks, Orlando attracts a lot of visitors each year. But if you are someone who wants to break the line and try out something offbeat, Orlando has that organized for you. From recreational quality lakes to beautiful landscapes, Orlando is super fun and has something for every visitor. These are top 12 things to do in Orlando whether visiting your family or friends:

1. Disney World

The Magic Kingdom of Disney World remains the best theme park ever made. It welcomes over 20 million visitors every year to its 6 types of fun and adventures. The epicenter of the park is the classic Cinderella Castle which looks magical and gets illuminated every night by fireworks. The entry fee to Disney World is $100 and with its entry, be amazed to unravel a world of roller coasters, rides, stimulators, parades, etc. attracting the younger crowd. 

2. Kennedy Space Center

Located 45 minutes from Downtown Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center is one of the popular tourist attractions in Orlando. The Space center has changed itself from simply more than a site to watch NASA launch rockets from the surface of the Earth to get close to the original Apollo Saturn V rocket.

Taking a trip to a stimulator outside the atmosphere is a dream come true for many while if you are lucky enough, you can have lunch with a veteran astronaut. Spirit Airlines Reservations look after this at the time of booking tickets. 

3. Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Visiting the Central Florida Zoo will be action-packed for the entire family. Witness some exotic animals from different parts of the country and some come from different continents. There are special arrangements for smaller kids where they can go to Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo for the amazement of children as well. For all the snake lovers, check out the serpentarium with the world’s venomous and non-venomous snakes. 

It is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and there is no entry fee to the Botanical Gardens. 

4. Chocolate Kingdom Orlando

The Chocolate Kingdom is one of the exciting places to be in which will take you to an interactive journey of the creation of bars from the beans and then to your belly. Hop onto the Mystical River of chocolate or spend time exploring Cacao Tree Greenhouse. 

Find out all about the machinery used in the processing and making of the chocolates. Chocolates from Orlando taste like heaven. 

5. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has been a famous name in Orlando since times immemorial. Also, it hosts plenty of marine shows, aquatic-themed rides, and animal experiences for keeping your family busy all through the day. Get closer to the sharks by entering the Shark tunnel or check out dolphins at the Sea of Shallows. 

If you are lucky enough, you will get to witness orca whales performing their stunts. The prices for admissions vary between weekdays and weekends. SeaWorld offers one with many add ons at the entrance of the themed park. Make Asiana Airlines Reservation to explore Orlando Florida with discount rates.

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