Top 5 Experiences in Azerbaijan

Top 5 Experiences in Azerbaijan

If you are planning to travel abroad during these holidays, then Azerbaijan is a very good option. Azerbaijan is a country famous for its natural beauty and its architects, but you should know about it when you visit Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a republic in the eastern part of the Caucasus, located in the middle of Eastern Europe and Asia. Geographically, it is part of Asia. Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and its coastal region are bordered by the Caspian Sea. You can book your tickets to Azerbaijan through United Airlines Reservations. There are many buildings, mosques and many naturally adorned things to see here, the main of which are:

Bibiheybat Mosque, Beautiful piece of art

Bibiheybat Mosque

The Bibiheybat Mosque, (Azerbaijani: Bibhehebet Masseidi, which is called by the local people) is a historical mosque in Baku, this mosque in Azerbaijan was rebuilt in the 1990s and is now a viewable building. The which is called by the local people Mosque also contains the tomb of Ukema Khanam (a descendant of Muhammad), and today it is a spiritual center for the Muslims of the region and one among the main monuments of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan. It is locally known as “Fatima’s Mosque”. In 1994, after Azerbaijan attained its independence, then-President Heather Aliyev ordered the construction of a new building for the Bibi-Hebt Mosque at the same place where it was destroyed. The layout and shape of the complex were restored in 1980 based on photographs taken shortly before the explosion.

Maiden Tower, legend tower

Maiden Tower, legend tower

A tower built in the 12th century known as the Maiden Tower, no one knows the purpose of building it, so its purpose remains unknown to date. This tower is believed by some to serve for defense purposes, known as the Parsi Dharma building or even as an astronomical observatory. However, there is also an old story associated with the tower as follows:

A king requested his daughter to marry a man of his age. She did not agree, but she made a deal with her father – if he builds a tower, he will honor her request and get married. But secretly he hoped it would never end.

But he did and she, with the prospect of forcibly marrying, jumped over the tower and the river transported his body to the Caspian Sea. Therefore, according to legend, the tower is called the “Maiden Tower”.

Juma Masjid, Friday Mosque

Azerbaijan, about 98% of its population is Muslim, so there is no dearth of mosques in Baku and Azerbaijan. This mosque is also known as Friday Mosque and is located in the center of Old Town. The story of the construction of this mosque is also very interesting, it was built on the site of a former Zoroastrian temple in the 12th century. It was renovated in 1899 and is one of the magnificent buildings of today.

Multipurpose sports area, Baku Crystal Hall

Multipurpose sports area, Baku Crystal Hall

Baku Crystal Hall has considered a pioneer arena as a multipurpose sports and concert area. The Baku Crystal Hall is designed to hold large-scale concerts and sporting events. The hall was constructed to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. This hall was constructed under the supervision of the State Committee and the order was given by the President of the time Mr. Ilham Aliyev for its work.

Temple of Fire

Azerbaijan has only 98 percent Muslim population. But there is a temple of Maa Durga in Surkhani of this country, which will surprise you. However, in the Durga temple located in Azerbaijan, the holy fire has been burning continuously for many years. However, the number of devotees coming here is only 15 thousand. Due to this fire burning continuously, this temple is known as the Temple of Fire.

Azerbaijan and Baku are exciting modern metropolises. After reading this article, you would like to go there, so explore Azerbaijan and Baku by American Airlines Reservations .

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