Top Festivals and Events in Morocco

Top Festivals and Events in Morocco

Well, planning the summers in Morocco? Smart decision. It would add in your bliss to know that you are having a number of upcoming festivals and events in Morocco for which you can plan your days there accordingly. Festivals and local events are the true representation of the culture and traditions of that place.   There is a lot of fun with the numerous festivals and events taking place all around Morocco.

The columnist David Brooks wrote in the New York Times about the importance of rituals and the festivals nations should have the basic sense about, own and preserve those traditions to pass them to the next generation. He was of the opinion that there should be more rituals to confront a bad idea of violence. Morocco in this regard is a rich country keeping its traditions along with modern times and that vintage means a lot to the locals and also fascinate the tourists come and spend their holidays exploring Morocco attractions.

Looking into the series of the different events at the same time is a privilege for the travellers to opt for the one they are more interested in. For example, you might not be interested in religious festivals, you can have various other options too, to plan your best holidays in Morocco. Here are some of the festivals we are going to talk about.

Arts Festival, Marrakech:

The show contains traditional folklore music and dance from all over Morocco which attracts the entertainers and the artists Europe and even beyond. Along with the professionals, the vacationers see these festivals as the great Morocco attractions. When going for the booking of the Summer holidays, match your dates with the Art festival so that you can start your tour experiencing different expressions of the society. Being in the show held in Djema el Fna, you are expected to see the fortune tellers, snake charmers, and the fire swallowers gathered between the tourists and the locals to convince people to give him money.

Don’t miss the opportunity of getting entertained in Fantasia, it will open up more chapters of the Moroccan culture presenting you the horse show, enjoying the belly dance with the mint tea and Moroccan traditional sweets.

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez:

Before that Art festival in Marrakech, the festival of World Sacred Music in fez is going to start from 14th of the June and will end on the same day which Marrakech’s Art festival will end. It comprises the open-air concerts and presents plenty of the Sufi and folk music. You would see the traditional Darvesh dancers from Iran to Turkey who performs on the Sufi Chants. This festival doesn’t hold at the one place but it divided according to the activities include. Different programs at the different spots in the city been arranged by the locals and the city administration. The Show in the parade ground, in front of the Royal place, is a good spot to enjoy the delights.

Ramadan, Eid ul Fit – Religious Festival:

It is according to the Islamic calendar system.  Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar which Muslims celebrate with much enthusiasm. That is the event, on which the Muslims from the whole of the country obey God’s order to abstain with the food, water, sexual relations, etc, all day. They break their fasts near Dusk and this practice goes on the whole month. You are a tourist, you are not bound to fast in an Islamic country like Morocco, but yes respecting others traditions and values will give you more depth in understanding the cultural norms.

At the End of a month, the festival of Eid ul Fitr can bring you with so much joy and delights. Muslims celebrate this event by the Morning Eid Prayer and make plenty of sweets in their homes. If you are in Morocco this Ramadan or aiming to visit in the next, you will be so excited to experience such a colourful even on Eid ul Fitr. Check also the event of Eid Ul Adha for exploring the more festivities.

Marriage Festival in Imilchil:

The same type of event I attended when in Ludhiana, India. There is a festival named Lohri held on January 13 every year in which the two people who love each other secretly as yet, they publically announce their love patches and decide to marry later. This is some sought of an engagement festival in which music, dance, and feasts are made to add more delight. The Marriage festival of Imilchil is of the same motive and held in September in the Moroccan town Imilchil. There is a folk tale about the two lovers, that on the refusal of their parents on their marriage, they drowned themselves and from then, the day observes as the marriage festival. Men and women choose their spouses and they are kind of engagement with each other. The festival is famous for the music, dance and the meals, sweets Moroccan Berber communities on the Atlas Mountains make.

Cherry Festival, Sefrou- Morocco:

That is also an incoming festival, starting from the June, 29 and will continue till July 6 of this year. It is a celebration of the culture and agriculture in the Sefrou region because June is the peak of Cherry season and it is a gesture of happiness on the successful production of the fruit. To know more about this festival? You should go and set the things to do list to accord your activities in a limited time while in Morocco.

Marrakech Film Festival:

Last year, The Marrakech Film Festival was held in November and December.  It is a top class event observing the Arabic and African Cinema. The festival can greatly inspire you because it has a lot of those activities you might have attended in your hometown. The festival includes premiers of the movies, Movie releases, screening, and talks. For bookings around the December dates, because Film festival mostly has start dates of December.

Well, this was really a little piece of festivals in Morocco, you will find Delights and smiles on the faces of Moroccans as the people found how to be happy. So witness those festivities and Book your trip with the guide of your choice to get to the best spots to get the maximum joy in Morocco.

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