Tourist Visa For Egypt Post COVID Travel Information

Tourist Visa For Egypt Post COVID Travel Information

To get an Egypt tourist e-visa, you have to follow specific steps. The traveling and visa process go hand in hand. However, if you want to travel to Egypt, then it is vital to get a tourist visa for Egypt. So, let’s take a start to roll out crucial information about Egypt’s e-visa.

What is an Egypt tourist e-visa?

Are you that person who wants to visit Egypt? If yes, then you have to apply for an Egypt visa online. However, you can get a visa by visiting the embassy. But it’s a good idea to use Egypt e-visa to save your time and effort. But before applying for the Egypt visa online, it is vital to know some essential information.

  • If you apply for the Egypt tourist e-visa, then the visa’s validity is up to 3 months.
  • However, you can stay up to 30 days in a single visit; it doesn’t matter if it is a single or multiple entry visa.
  • It is strictly forbidden for tourists to overstay in the country.

How to apply for an Egypt visa online?

We know that Egypt has so many historical mysteries that are worth watching. But it’s possible to get an Egypt tourist e-visa by staying in the comfort of your house. Yes, it’s possible with the help of “” It is the platform that is providing support to those who want to visit Egypt. There are the following two types of tourist visa for Egypt:

  • Single-entry Egypt e-visa
  • Multiple-entry Egypt tourist e-visa

A single-entry visa is better if you want to visit for a specific time in a single visit. Moreover, the multiple entry visa is best for people traveling to and from Egypt regularly over several months.

The validity of an Egypt tourist visa:

If you have a single-entry visa, then you can enter Egypt anytime within the first three months. But your stay can’t exceed 30 days. But, if you have a multiple-entry visa, you can cross borders anytime within the first three months. Furthermore, you can enter the country within the next six months. But one stay could not be more than 30 days.

Steps to apply for the Egypt tourist e-visa:

Before applying for the e-visa, there are a few things that you need to complete. However, the list includes:

Passport must have six months validity. One page of the passport should be blanked. Be a citizen of an eligible country.

So, there are the following steps that you have to follow to apply for an Egypt visa online. Let’s take a start from the very first thing.

Fill out an application form:

The very first step to applying for the tourist Egypt e-visa is to fill out the application form. You have to provide your DOB, full name, gender, nationality, and other personal details for this step. Moreover, the visa office will ask you about the type of e-visa that you want.

Essential documents:

It is a prerequisite to apply for a visa. Your passport should have validity for at least six months. But if it’s vice versa, then your access will get rejected. It would also help if you have passport size pictures, host information, and other details to complete the process. If you don’t have a host, you have to provide the hotel’s address or resort where you are going to stay.

Make payment:

It is the second step to complete the process. For this, it is vital to have a debit or credit card to make online payments. Apart from this, you can also use your PayPal account to make an online payment. However, the visa fee is different according to the country from where you are applying. But if you apply for an Egypt visa online from the US, then there are two different types of visa charges.

  • Single-entry Egypt e-visa: $85
  • Multiple entry Egypt tourist e-visa: $120

In addition to this, you have an option to get an Egypt visa on arrival. But you will have to deal with long queues. So, if you want to save extra time and effort, then apply for an Egypt visa online.

Receive the Egypt tourist e-visa:

Apart from the above steps, it is necessary to provide a valid email address. In this way, you can receive a copy of your e-visa in PDF format through email. However, the processing of the visa takes up to 3-5 business days.

Note: After taking the Egypt e-visa, it should be printed out and presented to the customs and immigration officials. However, the visa is valid for the sea, port, and airport entry.

Are there any restrictions to get an Egypt visa online due to COVID?

Due to COVID-19, traveling has changed drastically. Now, if you are visiting somewhere, then you have to abide by COVID laws. However, it is the same case if you get an Egypt tourist e-visa. But no, there isn’t any restriction to apply for an Egypt visa online due to COVID. Commercial flights and international tourism have resumed in Egypt from 1st July. There are following guidelines that are must to follow.

Every passenger needs to present a negative PCR test certificate on arrival. However, the test report can’t be older than 72 hours. But if you are traveling from certain parts of the world, then the 96 hours report is also valid.

Moreover, the medical certificate must have a stamp by an accredited lab and authorities. Apart from this, the type of test should be written on a test in English or Arabic.

Egyptian authorities also check the temperature of every passenger on arrival. In addition to this, you have to fill out a health declaration form.

Egypt tourist e-visa: Types of activities that are allowed:

You are getting a tourist visa for Egypt, so it’s your responsibility to follow the rules. Egypt is a spectacular place with lots of historical sites. So, the concerned departments issue visas so that you can witness the greatness of this unique culture. Like you can freely do these things during your visit.

  • You can see the sights according to your choice.
  • Meet friends or family in any part of the country
  • Spend some leisure time by spending your holidays.

But it is strictly illegal if you indulge yourself in any other activity. Like you can’t work or study during your stay because it is against the laws. Apart from this, it is mandatory to leave the country before the visa expiry date.


The Egyptian government is promoting tourism in the country. Due to this, they introduced Egypt tourist e-visa. So, you should take advantage of and explore a new culture by applying online. Yes, is here to help you during the whole process. So, go ahead and take a much-needed break from work.

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