The Ultimate Tropical Vacation with Andaman Tour Packages

The Ultimate Tropical Vacation with Andaman Tour Packages

Nestled in the middle of the cerulean waters of Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. The archipelago of more than 300 islands is blessed with salubrious weather, crystal clear sea, blue skies, tropical lagoons, lush rainforest, thrilling adventure sports, luxury resorts, and experiences worth cherishing a lifetime.

The tropical paradise is favoured for romantic honeymoon, adventure trip, or relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Andaman Tour Packages can create the most remarkable memories that will last a lifetime!


Obviously, beaches in Andaman are the first lure of the scenic islands. There a planet of picturesque seashores on the many islands. There are beautiful stretches of silvery soft sands framed by swaying palm and coconut groves leading to the cerulean waters. While some are renowned for their serenity others bustle with water sports. There are thrilling options for families to bask in the sun, try some activities and enjoy the beach. Couples on honeymoon are not left far behind and there are many unexplored shorelines. The luxury beach resorts offer a private time in the scenic setting.

BeachesThe must-visit beaches on a holiday in Andaman include Radhanagar Beach, Wandoor Beach, Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant Beach, Vijayanagar Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, etc.


While the beauty of the Andaman Islands might make you forget everything there are remnants of the bygone era that remind of the olden days. Port Blair, the getaway to the islands has served a major role in the struggle for Indian Independence. The Cellular Jail is a testimony to the days as many revolutionaries were sentenced to be prisoners here. Check out the Cellualar Jail, Veer Savarkar’s Cell, Netaji Gallery and Library on Freedom Movement. Also, attend the Light & Sound Show held at the Jail every evening, narrating the saga of the heroic struggle.


Unique experiences

Andaman is not just beautiful, it is very charming for the many unique experiences it offers. From visiting an active volcano, discover the secrets of the marine world, exploring the pristine rainforest, enjoy the serene bliss or simply have a fun beach vacation, there is lots to have a great time.

An amazing thing to do in Andaman is to pay a visit to the active volcano at Barren Island. From a cruise you can watch the volcano from far and awe at its magnificence. The 100 million old volcano, the only one in South East Asia that erupts even today. Another exciting delight is a visit to Baratang Island for the fascinating Limestone Caves and mud volcanoes. The bioluminescent beaches of the islands are definitely not to be missed. Walk on the soft sands as the glowing waters was your feet.

Unique experiencesThe Andaman Islands just don’t have beautiful beaches but also beautiful rainforests and jungles hidden in-land. Trekking is an exciting experience to revel in the bliss. Walkthrough the dense mangrove forests dotted with waterfalls and other scenic sights. The trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban makes your Andaman trip even more memorable.

AndamanThe marine world is an interesting experience and Andaman introduces you to the delightful world. The crystal-clear waters thrive with amazing marine life. Scuba diving takes you on a visit to these shy creatures. Watch the schools of fishes, explore the coral reefs. There are number of wonderful diving sites. For people who do not want to go diving, there is snorkelling that presents a view of the marine world. Glass bottom boat rides remove the entire hassle of getting wet. Other popular water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, underwater walking, surfing, etc.

Delight in seafood & pampering

The beautiful tropical setting of Andaman is a delight. Stay at the lavish resorts to relax and forget your worries. Enjoy a comfortable stay enjoying first-class amenities. From candle-lit dinners, private yacht rides, seaplane transfers to other luxuries, your trip is made one of the greatest time of their lives. The taste of the scrumptious seafood at the Andaman- fresh fried fish, special whole lobster and the seafood platter is a pleasure to indulge in.

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