How to Use a Survival Tent?

How to Use a Survival Tent?

Human needs a good shelter in every period of his lifecycle. It could be a luxurious house or a simple tiny bedroom, but accommodation is a must. In this article, we will discuss some important life skills that will help you to stay alive in critical condition. Let’s talk about how to use a survival tent.

How to use a survival tent? | The brief Guideline

The very first thing that you need to do is select your demand that how much you are expecting from your survival tent, then you should consider the location and family members. It could be tough to stay in a desert or a jungle, but sometimes the situation demands it, and we are bound to do that. When you think about a survival tent, then you must need to calculate the risk as well.

Survival tents will help you to manage a good shelter in some mobile settlements that the player character can deploy anywhere in Appalachia away from the selected locations. It was made in a way so that you can easily move or place it in any situation by pressing a simple button.

Necessary Tips


The effectiveness of different tents depends on some key points like greatly impacted by the skills, alertness, and proactivity of the tent members, and so on. The top of the tent can be damaged by severe weather if it is not properly pitched, and storms can hit us badly. How well the tent will take care of its members is depending on your management skill, weather & how perfectly you are solving all the critical issues.


Keep a thing at your mind is, it’s a mere tent which will not support you in all the brutal and critical situation. So, if you know that a mighty storm is coming or any natural hazard is coming in a quick time, it could be a wise decision to stay some time in a nearby home.


While you are planning to use this tent in a forest, then always make sure that you have the lighting facilities. It could be a simple firing by wood. In that case, the heinous animals from the forest will not do any harm to you.

In the winter season, you can place a warm blanket under the tent so that you will suffer in heavy winter. You need to place the tent at a high position from the soil so that if it starts raining, you will not get suffered.

The most important things that you should look for a survival tent

Normally, we know that tent is a shelter that is consisting of sheets of high-quality fabric or other material draped over. A frame of poles will help them to stand alone on the soil, and the process is done through a supporting cord.

There are several types of tents available in the shopping mall. You need to decide which one will suit you the most.


Modern fabrics are made in such a way that it could last for a long time. So, when you choose a survival tent, look for the maximum benefit. The more it will serve you in an extreme environment- the better.


Heavy tents are tough to move from one place to another. While choosing survival tents, you must have to remember that it should be flexible. The reason is in an emergency, and you can move from one place to another without facing any difficulties. Another thing is it should be underweighted then you might face another problem like this tent will not save you in an emergency time like a storm, heavy wind, etc.

Ease of Setup

This is another important task that we should seriously consider while choosing a survival tent. If it takes a lot of time to do the setup process, then when you go for moving one place to another, it will hurt you badly.

Shape and Color

The shape is not so much important unless you are using it in heavy wind or against the snowfall. So, if you are in a critical situation, keep it in your mind. In a snowfall area, you might need some special tent to survive.

In that case, I believe Color is the important thing that you can consider. If you like to hide from nature, the Color could be like the trees. For making a smart decision, keep your tent color like nature.


It will help you to get protected from rain and heavy snow. It is really necessary for a survival tent. For any kind of heavy rain protection, you can use a waterproof canvas.

The number of occupants

Do you intend to live your family in a tent? Then it could be a big size which can have the space of at least 4 persons.


It is one of the main issues that you need to consider while buying anything. For purchasing a survival tent, firstly look for the facilities, it is offering to you and then compare the price with another.

Several types of survival tents are

  • Backpacking tent
  • Cold Weather tent
  • Seasonal tent
  • Dome tent

Final advice | How to use survival tent

You can control so many things while installing your tents like where you pitch the tent, how it is oriented for your family members, whether the lines are tight enough or not, how well you prepared the ground under the tent, and so many things. If it is maintained properly then obviously you can expect a very good result from here otherwise it is impossible to get the best output.

While installing this tent, keep a thing at your mind is you always need the proper water source. If the water is hard to get, you cannot stay there. I believe this article will help you a lot with how to use a survival tent. If you have any more questions, please put that in the comment section below. Thanks for staying with us.

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